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  1. I realize that there would be possible restrictions, and it wouldn't appeal to everybody. If quarantines continue and there is no COVID 19 onboard during a crossing, could that time count as part of any quarantine? ofcourse that would take New York and England to cooperate. Also my thought is more for keeping the boat in service and crew employed. Europeans or Americans could use the trip as a limited shorestop two week cruise from their respective side of the ocean. I certainly would be more willing to make the two week round trip than fly right now to catch the ship.
  2. Princess, HAL, and Seabourn have dropped their European cruise itineraries for this summer. Will Cunard do the same? I don't know, but I do know they will have to find creative ways to optimize the use of their tonnage. Of course this is nothing more than my musings, but would the market support the QM2, at least till her expected lay up in November, running strictly back and forth between Southampton/Cherbourg and New York City? Air travel is down, so maybe she could somewhat pick up the slack, and maybe even throw in a five night crossing or two for those whom time matters.
  3. I have no doubt that in an ideal world Cunard would love to do this, but the shipyard might not have space, the materials to complete the job might not be available yet, and the schedule for the ship is already blocked out for the revamping. So no, I don't think Cunard will be able to move up the QM2's planned November facelift.
  4. I could be wrong, but I interpret the new CDC order to go into effect beginning when it is posted in the Federal Register. Also, for what it's worth, Gannett's "USA Today" reported today that the Trump administration has pressured the CDC to change the 100 day order to 80 days.
  5. The CDC order does apply to, "all commercial, non-cargo passenger carrying vessels operating in international, interstate, or intrastate waterways and subject to the jurisdiction of the United States with the capacity to carrying 250 individuals (passengers and crew)." This would cover all of the boats of the American Queen Steamboat Co. The order can if appropriate be rescinded, but if not will halt cruise ship travel until late July.
  6. The river can get quite shallow above RedWing. The U.S.Army Corps of Engineers promises a 9 foot channel and the AQ draws nearly that. The company plays it safe by beginning and ending the trips at RedWing. Also of note is that the trips start at Alton, Illinois which is just a bit above St. Louis. As far as an inside room on the AQ, I see that the inside rooms on the AQ's Observation Deck have been relabeled as single deluxe rooms. I don't like that idea nor the price point and think that it's marketing chicanery on the company's part. The inside doubles remain on the Texas Deck. The ones towards the stern offer a bit more room, but I would go for one that is towards the head. They would definitely be more convenient.
  7. It has been replace, but with a different design. There will now be two distinct sets of buckets with a gap between on a common shaft. The AMERICAN COUNTESS will have a similar wheel when she comes out.
  8. The national nightly news in America reported that the lines for COVID 19 screening for Americans returning home from overseas at U.S. airports were for over four hours in length. Good luck to those American QV passengers who wish to continue their cruise to Soton. They also might be returning to states that have mandated that bars and restaurants are only allowed carry out service or home delivery and not table service. It's not getting any better here folks. Also they might want to pinch a roll or two of toilet paper from Cunard to take home with them.
  9. Actually the high water will give you a little Lagniappe. With the water high you will be able to look over the tops of the levees and see sites that are normally obscured by the levees. So the whole plantation house will be able to be seen when you steam by along with the fields that can go on for miles. And that two hours it took to go five miles when headed upstream will pass by in 20 minutes when headed down! Don't worry and have a great steamboatin' adventure.
  10. But do be clear that you do have to provide to the company before the tickets are issued the information required by Homeland Security such as birth place, home address, type of ID that you will be using, etc. You can call the information in if that is more convenient or use the form that you mentioned.
  11. The AMERICAN DUCHESS experienced a cracked paddlewheel shaft during December that necessitated the wheel being removed. The photos that I saw on Facebook show that the wheel broke literally in two with half of the wheel falling into the river. Several years ago I was on the AMERICAN QUEEN when she too experienced a cracked shaft, but the wheel remained in place setting on the shaft bearings. At that time her paddlewheel was disassembled, the shaft left in place, and she too made it back to Cincinnati using just her two Z-drives. Losing the boats wheel should not materially effect your cruise. I certainly hope that is the case, and I would love to see your review about you sans paddlewheel travels when you return home.
  12. Calliope

    QM2 Dining

    I don't think poor training was the issue. As a matter of fact he was an excellent waiter in every respect. He even referred to the people in his charge by their surnames. That has only happened to me in the grills on the QE, and never in any of the restaurants on the QM2, except this once, and I have been in all of her restaurants over the years. And you are right the shrimp were not what one would expect in a quality shrimp cocktail.
  13. Calliope

    QM2 Dining

    Last November while making a transatlantic crossing a gentleman at my table in Britannia asked for a shrimp cocktail. The waiter was not sure if he could bring one out, so the waiter sheepishly replied I will have to ask my manager if I can serve you a shrimp cocktail. He did apparently ask, and one was indeed served. But it was clear in Britannia things are not what they once were!
  14. If the water goes down there should be no problem. It all sort of depends on when the rains finally end. Hopefully, they have as there is plenty of time till August for the Upper Mississippi to return to pool
  15. The AQ will leave Cincinnati this coming Monday, July 15 headed for St. Louis which will put her back on schedule if she can make St. Louis the following Monday.
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