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  1. I see many past passengers mentioning the Cunard chartered bus from Victoria Coach Station to Southampton. Honestly, that will cost several times more than one of the scheduled London to Southampton busses. And two years ago left my sister waiting for the delayed Cunard bus in the pigeon filled station for hours. Of course the Cunard bus avoids the stops at Winchester and Southampton University before arriving at the main Soton bus station and you'll have to get a taxi to the pier. Another mode of travel, and quite nice is using one of the car and driver services such as Smith's
  2. I plan on getting my Covid vax as soon as I can, but as I am only 60 that could be problematic before my next booked cruise. That is also assuming another booked cruise of mine is not cancelled. Once cruising resumes and if a passenger is unable to have been vaccinated through no fault of their own and the booking was made in good faith before the cruise line instituted a total vaccine policy the cruise line might be opening itself up to legal issues.
  3. I went on Quark's OCEAN DIAMOND five years ago, and would use them again. The food was very good along with the service. Handling the passengers to get on and off the mainland or the Zodiacs was done without a hitch. But like the OP I would make sure to be on a trip where you actually step on land and explore the sea from a Zodiac.
  4. I fully understand where you are coming from. I too have enjoyed many a New Orleans dining experience. The food and service at Commander's Palace is sublime , and starting dinner at 5:30 and not leaving till everyone else has left from the main dining room at Galatoire's after 11 PM is somehow magical. My most recent Birthday was celebrated at Arnoud's on Lundi Gras, and I'm not quite sure how many Sazeracs were downed. I'm not sure anything at sea though can quite compare. With that being said, the best dining experience that I have ever had while on a cruise was in Queens Gr
  5. www.wlky.com/article/louisville-area-steamboat-company-laying-off-250 Not particularly encouraging news from New Albany, Indiana.
  6. With all of the above being said about the Canyon Ranch Spa facilities and the other pools availability during a winter crossing, nothing has been said about the elephant in the room. Will the spa and pools even be open as they present a way for COVID 19 to be spread?
  7. I would not expect to go on the AMERICAN QUEEN in August. Right now she is sitting in an Amelia, Louisiana ship yard waiting for a dry dock large enough for her mandated five year U.S. Coast Guard hull inspection. An extremely reliable source related that they think November might be when she returns. Furthermore they told me that the company is meeting resistance from Washington State and Oregon about bringing the AMERICAN EMPRESS on line. And as Waggoner has stated the company expects to resume operations with one or two boats at a time so it appears that the COUNTESS and DUCHESS will come
  8. Unless a refund for the cruise line cancelled April trip on the AMERICAN EMPRESS has been credited on my next credit card statement, I haven't received it yet. AQSC said it would take 90 days and it was not until May when I requested a 100% refund after having a second cruise that I was going to use the FCC was cancelled too. As of now AQSC will have had the full payment for the first cruise for over 6 months which I think is excessive If I do not have it in the 90 days from when I asked for a full refund I will be calling the credit card company and asking them to help resolve the issue
  9. I was 26 when I was onboard the CUNARD PRINCESS for a one week cruise from Whittier, Alaska to Vancouver, BC over the 1986 July 4 Holiday. Captain John Burton Hall was master and Captain Ronald Warrick was the staff captain. At the Cunard World party I mentioned to Captain Warrick that I purchased the QE2 book which he coauthored with Bill Flayhart while I was on a cruise on the Str MISSISSIPPI QUEEN to Pittsburgh a year prior. Capt. Warrick was quite interested in hearing more about the MISSISSIPPI QUEEN and thrilled that his book was for sale in a bookstore in Pittsburgh. The next day he in
  10. It does, thank you. I am concerned that, hypothetically speaking, I could be on a trip such as an east-bound transatlantic crossing on the QM2 and cases of COVID 19 develop, and I would be forced to quarantine for 14 days away from home. It sounds as if I would be responsible for all associated costs. Truly frightening if I had to quarantine in a somewhat acceptable Southampton hotel especially if the Dollar goes down against the Pound.
  11. Is there insurance available that would pay to cover the costs of food, lodging, and incidental expenses if forced to quarantine for two weeks in a distant hotel?
  12. The online fares quoted in U.S. dollars haven't budged one way or the other for months now. I suspect that the employees that handle yield management have not been at work during that time. When Cunard management decides when the ships will return to service and those in yield management called back to work , then I imagine that there will be movement in the fares. I also suspect that there will be notable changes in the published schedules and for newly added voyages the last minute fares might be quite attractive. For 2021 sailings with currently weak bookings there will be rate re
  13. I realize that there would be possible restrictions, and it wouldn't appeal to everybody. If quarantines continue and there is no COVID 19 onboard during a crossing, could that time count as part of any quarantine? ofcourse that would take New York and England to cooperate. Also my thought is more for keeping the boat in service and crew employed. Europeans or Americans could use the trip as a limited shorestop two week cruise from their respective side of the ocean. I certainly would be more willing to make the two week round trip than fly right now to catch the ship.
  14. Princess, HAL, and Seabourn have dropped their European cruise itineraries for this summer. Will Cunard do the same? I don't know, but I do know they will have to find creative ways to optimize the use of their tonnage. Of course this is nothing more than my musings, but would the market support the QM2, at least till her expected lay up in November, running strictly back and forth between Southampton/Cherbourg and New York City? Air travel is down, so maybe she could somewhat pick up the slack, and maybe even throw in a five night crossing or two for those whom time matters.
  15. I have no doubt that in an ideal world Cunard would love to do this, but the shipyard might not have space, the materials to complete the job might not be available yet, and the schedule for the ship is already blocked out for the revamping. So no, I don't think Cunard will be able to move up the QM2's planned November facelift.
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