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  1. Don't need the Mariner Days as we are 4 star and probably won't ever reach 5 star. However, being near the center of the ship is important. Thanks. Also would appreciate additional replies.
  2. I have just booked a cruise for December 2021 and in looking at the HAL site, it seemed that a Vista Suite was larger than a Verandah. However, now I realize that is actually smaller even though it is more expensive. Can anyone give me a rough idea of the sizes (the ones HAL lists can be anywhere within the parameters they give) of the actual cabin and of the verandah and/or the Vista Suite? Any preferences if you have seen both cabins? Thanks. Just really planning ahead.
  3. To awhcruises: Sorry to not post this earier, yes we were pleased with the assignment. It was VD6025
  4. Bit the bullet today and cancelled our cruise. Truly hope that those who continue on the cruise have happy, healthy days enjoying the cruise. My TA was out today, but another TA in her office handled the cancellation. When she was making the phone call, she said, this might take awhile. Then a few minutes later said, this is going to be a long wait. I will call you when I can talk to an agent--was nearly 1 1/2 hours later before she called me. Of course, since I wasn't sitting in her office, I don't really know if it took that long to talk to a HAL agent.
  5. We just had a guarantee and they assigned us the cabin about a week after we switched to a guarantee.
  6. And now, I think my DH is seriously considering cancelling the trip. Not sure we will ever get a bargain like this again, ($539 each for a VD veranda cabin plus $200 OBC), but his health is more important. Smooth sailing to those who keep the cruise. We have six days to decide, although since it seems that people are having great difficulty reaching their TAs, we may need to decide sooner.
  7. Checking back in. Just checked my luggage tags today and we were given a VD cabin, forward. Not printing the tags out yet--perhaps we will be fortunate and get another upgrade. Not complaining as we went from a partial view (selected that cabin) to a Veranda guarantee VH to a VD. Now, waiting to see if the sailing will happen.
  8. Without a land line, we cannot fax a copy of my Carnival stock to get the OBC. Has anyone had success with trying to e-mail the proof of ownership?
  9. Just returned from talking to my TA. Great news. I got the guarantee Veranda. Even though I should have paid $20 more, she just gave it to me for the same price. Only bad part, it's a VH guarantee. However since there are only 4 VH cabins on the ship, I can always hope for a slightly better cabin. Thanks for the encouragment to give it a try.
  10. I emailed my TA last night. I know she only works until noon on Saturday, and I haven't heard from her. I will actually be in the vicinity of her office Monday morning and plan to be at her office when it opens. Thanks for the info. I will let you know what I learn on Monday.
  11. The price for a "guarantee" verandah room has decreased to only $10 more than we paid for a partially obscured ocean view (we selected the cabin). When I tried to do a fake booking and selecting my own room in a Verandah category, it seems there are over 30 cabins still available. Has anyone tried to "upgrade" in this fashion? We have selected that we would take an upgrade. Any suggestions?
  12. Updating our previous post. I tried for months to get rooms for two nights at the Anchorage Westmark prior to our tour. Every time "there was NO availability". I gave up and reserved a B&B we used 8 years ago. The owner was a little hesitant to take the reservation as he said when someone books 6 months in advance, they usually cancel. Hopefully we won't need to cancel.
  13. I have had reservations with flight ease for several months and have changed my reservation several times due to price changes and itinerary changes as we have plans after the cruise. However, when I now go to look at flights, I cannot do anything except print my most recent reservation. I know that I have not paid for the flights. Why cannot I access my reservation?
  14. Our drop off can either be at the airport or a hotel. Our hotel is near the airport, but the tour guide said it would not be convenient to take it to our hotel first. There are four of us and I don't know how much luggage our friends will have. I thought it was the PP hotel, but when I searched, it didn't come up. Thanks for everyone's help.
  15. We have a private tour planned for Vancouver when we disembark. Trouble is, there are four of us and it is possible that we may have more luggage than our guide can handle. It seems I once read that there was a place to leave luggage for a minimal price (but can't find the topic). Any help from anyone? Thanks.
  16. It worked. I keep checking fares and so far have saved money twice. Not a huge amount, but changing airports also.
  17. Thanks. I will give it a try. My fare only dropped $5, but we were able to fly into an airport nearer our home rather than into a very large airport, rent a car, drive through rush hour traffic, and then a couple more hours to our home.
  18. Currently have reservations on Flight Ease for flights in August. Just went to try to change the reservation and was informed that this would result in a cancellation of earlier flight and would incur cancellation charges. I'm confused. I thought we could change flights without penalty until payment was due. Have there been changes in how this works?
  19. Unfortunately, I already have some reservations. So, I cannot find the option as to whether or not I want to select one way or round trip. Do I need to completely cancel the reservation in order to select one-way?
  20. I am interested in possibly using flight ease for one way and using frequent flyer miles the other way. How can I do this?
  21. We have an Alaskan cruise/tour planned for August 2020 and have reserved flights using FlightEase. I tend to check the air fares from time to time, first using the data as if I were on a Princess Cruise and then rechecking for our current reservations. Tonight I discovered that if I were booking through Princess, the fare would be around $350 less expensive using the exact flights. Is there often a big difference when actually going through HAL even though I've been told they use the same system?
  22. I don't know about 2021, but check out Y4L:12-Day Yukon+double Denali for 2020. From Anchorage to Denali by train, then flying to Fairbanks, followed by land to Dawson, Whitehorse, then train to Skagway, and finally a four-day cruise to Glacier Bay, Ketchikan and ending in Vancouver. There are several varieties of this cruise depending the number of "extra" days in Denali, Dawson, and Skagway.
  23. Thanks. that was my idea. When we went on a river cruise, I could determine that the "chosen" hotel in Amsterdam was the Amsterdam Grand Amrath. I was able to book it on my own for about half the cost that the cruise line would have charged. Of course, I couldn't get transportation to the ship, but I just ordered a taxi. However, that was not on HAL, so didn't know if HAL was an exception to the rule.
  24. We have a cruise booked which includes a "land first" tour followed by a cruise. The night prior to the start of the "tour" has the hotel accommodations included as part of the tour. I assume that it will be at the Westmark Hotel in Anchorage. Would we be better served by obtaining a couple of days room reservations at the same hotel (to avoid the problem of transferring luggage) or should we book on our own? Discovered on a cruise to Europe that the cruise lines generally charge much more for those rooms than booking individually. Has anyone had experience with having HAL book the rooms?
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