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  1. Thanks. that was my idea. When we went on a river cruise, I could determine that the "chosen" hotel in Amsterdam was the Amsterdam Grand Amrath. I was able to book it on my own for about half the cost that the cruise line would have charged. Of course, I couldn't get transportation to the ship, but I just ordered a taxi. However, that was not on HAL, so didn't know if HAL was an exception to the rule.
  2. We have a cruise booked which includes a "land first" tour followed by a cruise. The night prior to the start of the "tour" has the hotel accommodations included as part of the tour. I assume that it will be at the Westmark Hotel in Anchorage. Would we be better served by obtaining a couple of days room reservations at the same hotel (to avoid the problem of transferring luggage) or should we book on our own? Discovered on a cruise to Europe that the cruise lines generally charge much more for those rooms than booking individually. Has anyone had experience with having HAL book the rooms?
  3. Thanks for the replies. Before the timing allowed me to use Flight Ease on HAL, I was checking for comparable flights using Princess Flight Ease. The language for the Princess connection is that the price is constant; that if taxes, port charges, etc. change you will be charged the current price. Think I will go with Flight Ease for now and just see what happens--it is a long time until we cruise.
  4. I, perhaps mistakenly, thought that it was a good idea to use flight ease in order to protect a flight--price, etc. However, I just tried to use flight ease for our cruise in August 2020 and discovered that the fare is not protected until final payment. Seems that if the fare goes up, the price also goes up until everything is paid for. The only benefit I can see (please correct me if I am wrong) is the ability to cancel the flight in the 35 days between final payment and the 45 days before the flight. Please let me know how to best use flight ease. I would like to get the best air fares.
  5. Thanks. It is nearly one year away, but decided to at least check as I've been doing my own flights and maybe could have saved money by going through HAL. The ability to wait until final payment to purchase the ticket, but to make sure I have a reservation, sound like a winner.
  6. Hoping to add to this thread. If I use Flight Ease for tickets, will I earn frequent flyer miles on the flight?
  7. No problem with tipping others. Just wondered how much on-board credit would be taken with the hotel service charge. It will help in deciding what tours we want to add as I think we may end up with quite a bit of OBC. Thanks.
  8. We are considering an Alaska land/cruise tour for 2020. We will only be on the ship four days. Will we be charged the $14.50 daily service charge per person on the land portion of the trip?
  9. Thanks for the help. Used another browser and was able to print the tags.
  10. Oceanmom, yes we're on the rotterdam.
  11. The last time we cruised, I was able to print luggage tags, complete with cabin number, from the HAL site. Somehow I cannot find that now. We are leaving Wednesday morning for a cruise that ultimately leaves Sunday from Amsterdam. Can anyone tell me what I am overlooking when I look at the HAL site? I would like to print the tags rather than just write the information on a card. Thanks.
  12. Is the extra size of the verandah worth it considering the extra wind because no cabin is blocking the wind while sailing? It's been years since we had one, and in looking at notes I took, it seemed that at times it was too cool to sit on the verandah while sailing due to the wind. Any comments? We may try for one again but would appreciate any information.
  13. Ine, is there an English translation for either of those sites? Unfortunately I do not understand Dutch. Thanks
  14. Thanks for your help. I also discovered airportstaxitransfers.com. It looks good, have you heard anything about it?
  15. We will be arriving at Schiphol August 1 around 3:30 p.m. (1530). We are interested in a taxi to take us to our hotel. Does anyone have a recommendation on which taxi service to take? We were there two years ago and waited over an hour for a pickup on a transfer service which accommodated persons going to many different hotels. This time there are three of us and we are interested in a taxi for just us.
  16. In February 2018 we booked the Prinsendam trip for a cruise around the British Isle, having lots of port calls in Ireland. Several months later we were informed that the Prinsendam would not be in their fleet for our August 4 cruise. Instead, we are on the Rotterdam, and since it is a larger ship, the only port in Ireland is Dublin. Quite a disappointment, but nothing we can do about it now. Don't know if we would have booked that far in advance had we known we would not get the cruise we wanted--not the ship and not the itinerary. But, we plan to enjoy it anyway. Ironically, we specifically wanted that cruise in August as my husband has always wanted to attend the Edinburgh tattoo. However, in the last year his hearing has decreased so much that wearing hearing aids and loud music just doesn't go together. So while we will be in Edinburgh for the tattoo, we will not be attending it.
  17. Not quite sure how to use it. When follow your link, it shows Holland America Line, but then when I try to input a specific food item, it just give many, many choices and I can't seem to find the link to Holland America. Use HAL gave me nothing. What am I doing incorrectly?
  18. Thanks, I will call passenger services in advance and also talk to the head waiter the first day as i want to be able to plan breakfast and lunch. I will not require special preparation, but I will have to be selective in what I eat.
  19. I am a new diabetic and learning to plan my food intake, usually based on the evening meal. Is it possible to get the menu in advance so that I can plan the other meals to accommodate wanting a "nice" evening meal?
  20. We are 4 star mariners and I think are eligible for 50% discount on a wine package. The problem is that we are not heavy drinkers and may not drink all bottles in the package. If we choose to select wines a bottle at a time, can we still use the 50% discount on individual bottles. Is the price per bottle about the same as the price per bottle would be in a package?
  21. Since our last cruise we cancelled our landline and no longer have a FAX machine. What is the best way to request the OBC from our stock prior to the cruise? Thanks.
  22. We are interested in having a guided tour in a car, three people. Are there guides who can provide transportation? Are taxis available for four hours where we can get a guide to go with us? Thanks
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