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  1. Fort Lauderdale will all depend on the seas and when the port reopens and if Dorian doesn’t slow further.
  2. I doubt it at this point. Wednesday it is predicted to be about 70 miles off the coast near Port Canaveral at the moment. I have doubts any ship trying to get in will do so as it is currently at cat 5 and expected to be a cat 4 when it skirts Florida. I live near Daytona, don’t blame Royal for not coming in on Sunday as this mess was supposed to strike on Sunday. It didn’t. They did what they thought was right at the time. RC, I am sure will do right with FC credit and yes, you may pay more for a new cruise depending on when you book and what deals you get or got. You get a year to apply the credit to a booked cruise not a year to take the cruise so watch the promotions and book one when you find a great price. Might want to avoid August and September for the Caribbean though.
  3. Of course, this is a given. The port will also close early because they are concerned for their workers getting to shelters.
  4. Good choice, it would be worse to end up in the middle of a category four hurricane then losing the money. I live near Daytona beach. At 8:00 am on Sunday it is expected to be 291 miles off the coast by 8 am on Monday it is expected to be 133 miles away. While it is expected to hit at Indian River Shores it could go north or south and that may not be known until Saturday. If the Captain decides to book it back tonight to Florida it could make it in on Saturday but then that would put anyone who is waiting on a flight searching for hotels or having to camp out at the Orlando airport, plus does the cruise line want to have the ship in dock when the hurricane hits, most likely if it did come in on Saturday and it could scoot out after unloading they would do that. If it doesn't make it in it will most likely sit out there until at least late Monday. All this could change and more accurate forecasts won't be until at least Saturday. If the ship continues to the next port on Friday I don't think it will risk it going back to Port Canaveral. That is my opinion. Now I need to decide what to do. This is the biggest issue of where to go because waiting until Saturday to decide which way this thing is headed means not being able to leave due to traffic and what if we head north into Georgia or South Carolina and it changes course for there.
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