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  1. This is the revised schedule Aug. 25 cruise delayed to Aug. 27 Instead of turning around on Saturday, the ship is now scheduled to arrive back on Sunday, with the Aug. 25 cruise delayed until Aug. 27. Embarkation will be available both on Sunday and Monday, with the ship due to sail at 6 p.m. Monday. Revised itinerary The revised itinerary will feature Hilo (Hawaii) on Tuesday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Kahului (Maui) on Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Nawiliwili (Kauai) from 8 a.m. Thursday to 2 p.m. Friday. Pride of America will then return to Honolulu early morning of Saturday, Sept. 1.
  2. janrey1234

    Hurricane Lane

    For those looking for possibilities of a room for Saturday if the cruise doesn’t sail try http://www.ilikaihotel.com/. They are showing rooms, reasonably priced and are offering cancellations due to hurricane. Give them a call and see if you can book a room just in case.
  3. Why do you need a shot in hell? Costs you nothing to make a phone call to customer service, explain what happened and see what they say. Stop having a defeatist attitude. Be polite, reasonable and you might be surprised they may give you something. Also, as someone else stated look at the credit card used to see if they have some sort of travel insurance.
  4. This, set her with a daily amount, but let her know if she doesn’t spend it all that day the next day will add to it so if she has her heart set on getting something she can save to get it. Spend all the daily amount early and no extra, she has to wait until you refill in the morning. Good teaching lesson. If you limit her on the week all at once she may not quite get it and spend it all early then be miserable the rest of the cruise.
  5. janrey1234

    NCL suspends Hawaii Island ship calls indefinitely

    Been there twice. Not easy to island hop especially these days in airports lugging your luggage around. Since we are spending so much time on every island we are basically considering it a floating hotel. If you rent a car rather than take their tours you can see just as much as you want. Going in September so they may or may not go to the Big Island. I will deal and enjoy regardless as I have already been to that island more recently. Disappointed on another day in Honolulu as we will have arrived on the Wednesday before, but it is what it is and is preferable to a sea day. I am sure they will do everything to make up for it.
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    The one time we did it everything came out very wrinkled including shorts that were wrinkle free. Took several washings at home to get them back to normal. After that I paid for the wash and press. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  7. I have booked Allure not Oasis but if you are booking a balcony for 3 it is more comfortable to book one with a couch bed and not a pullman. The diagrams will tell you which is which with symbols. I think the cabin class might be Superior Balcony. The third person in the cabin is usually much cheaper than the first two so if you split costs evenly between the 3 you all share a discount. We had MyTime dining and booked before the trip times based on ports and were able to have a table for just the 3 of us with the same wait staff every night. I loved the size of the Allure, especially on sea days as it never felt crowded. I should add I never had a problem booking a cabin for 3. The balcony's seem to all come with either the pullman or the couch. The junior suites are limited, however, so if you are wanting one of those then yes, book early.
  8. Not necessary with some credit cards. Check out your credit card company as many offer limited travel insurance including reimbursing you for unused vouchers. Most don't cover if you cancel a trip for personal reasons like work or you just decide not to go. Citibank is up to $3,000 no cost to you.
  9. janrey1234

    Hotel Block for Wedding Cruise out of Miami

    Try around the airport, Sheraton, Hampton Inn, Marriott and others Hilton Garden Inn has a park and cruise http://www.hiltongardeninnmiami.com/park-cruise/
  10. janrey1234

    I like the new booking webpage

    Yes, I saw this too. Unfortunately it seems Crown & Anchor is down, back up now.
  11. The cause of death was not a heart attack http://www.internationalcruisevictims.org/LatestMemberStories/Richard_Liffridge.html. This is from a relative.
  12. janrey1234

    Complimentary bottle of wine

    Having purchased wine to be in the room, I do know that they will exchange it for another of the same price. I purchased a bunch of white and a couple of red but on the last night we had 2 red left no white and my companions preferred white. The waiter exchanged it for a white at dinner. It would have to be the same price or you pick up the difference I would guess.
  13. I remember Navigator having it in 2013 on sea day. I don't recall the Allure having it in 2015.
  14. janrey1234

    Why did you try to bring that?

    Was it in a box? Perhaps they bought it locally intending to take it home not use it on board.
  15. janrey1234

    3 adults in one room?

    We do it all the time. We book a balcony cabin looking for those that have a pull out couch and not a pull down. Depending on the cruise ship you might have to go up to a junior suite, but the third person is reduced. If you or your sister are young and don't mind climbing up the pull down isn't bad, just that we are all over 60 so we prefer the couch. Sometimes they keep the couch made up during the day, if you prefer it to go back to couch mode say so to your steward, same goes if you choose the pull down bunk option. Yes, the bathrooms are small but they are small whether it is one in the room or 4. Don't book 2 inside rooms paying a higher single price, book a better room instead. The difference split 3 ways isn't all that much.