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  1. I received my acceptance for my upgrade bid today for my sailing on 4/20/19.
  2. Sailing on the Getaway 4/20 out of NYC and got my acceptance today. Bid $75 pp to go from a regular balcony to a spa balcony, which was the minimum bid. I've never had spa access before, not sure how much we will use it, but for $150 total I am willing to take a gamble. I was pleasantly surprised to find out this far in advance, I was prepared for the notification 2 days before we sail. I also put in a minimum bid of $100 pp for a spa mini suite that was not accepted.
  3. I’m booked on this excursion for my April 20th cruise on the Getaway. I’ve been calling every week to try to get a better time slot and it’s been sold out for the last 3 months.
  4. I’ve been on both. We are going on the getaway again next month for the 2nd time. The ships are nearly identical as a previous posters said, minus the NYC vs Miami theming. I liked both ships equally and will continue to sail on both if the itinerary suits us. I will say, I thought Rock of Ages was the best show I’ve seen on any cruise ship. I saw the actual broadway production and it was equally as good.
  5. Did you end up taking the transfer? I’ve been considering it for my upcoming Getaway cruise and wondering how it works out.
  6. On our Alaska 2017 cruise my brother and sister in law had google fi and used it to watch game of thrones while on the ship. I recorded it on my DVR and watched it when we got home, I was not interested in watching it on a cell phone sized screen over the 60 inch tv at home. I also like to disconnect from technology on my cruises, but that’s my preference I realize others don’t always share.
  7. I hate that when you click on a particular ship name, it brings all kinds of results. Before if I clicked on the getaway, it only gave me posts about the getaway. The search feature also seems out of whack, trying to find people’s reviews has been a nightmare. I’m really hoping this is all just transition bumps and it will work smoothly again.
  8. How does everyone think the weather will be? From what I’ve read, it may be a bit too cold for water sports (jet skiing), which we are hoping to do there again, it was a blast last time.
  9. My husband and I did jetsking while there on our honeymoon cruise. It was so much fun! You meet up right in the water off where the ship docks. I believe it was booked through KS Watersports.
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