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  1. I share your hope....I read about Mark Walker....I hope the other CD's that we know are figuring out these uncharted waters as well, but as a temporary measure. Although we aren't cruising, I look forward to returning to ships at some point.
  2. You can read some of the previous posts and putting in more 'specialty' or 'pay to play' options necessarily won't give them more revenue, which is your implication. The specialty restaurants onboard now for an extra fee, don't get close to 50% full even with 30% discounts.
  3. And a 30% discount could not entice more people to join you.....says alot. The specialty restaurant that we frequent is Izumi. They never have special discounts for that....and there is never more than a few tables filled...NEVER even near 50% full, but we love it and it is a MUST on a ship that has it.
  4. Sorry, my that kind of jest, is not appreciated. Especially since plenty of people using Cpap machines have NO compromising health issues....as per my husband.
  5. I have been in plenty of specialty restaurants onboard and they have NEVER been close to 50% capacity when DH and I were there for dinner.
  6. Why would you question that cpap machines wouldn't be allowed?
  7. Here is an article from CNN about what hotels are considering doing and one of these locations is in Las Vegas, which in many ways is a 'land experience of a cruise ship' -- lots of people packed into it for entertainment and enjoyment. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/hotels-safety-coronavirus/index.html Some specifics mentioned are: (1) Removal of furniture and reconfiguring many areas to facilitate the six-foot social distancing space prescribed by health officials. The brand is considering plexiglass barriers at front desks to separate guests and hotel
  8. Buffets on cruises will be significantly changed, I am sure. That is the simple place to make a change -- all the other areas, starting with 'overall number of cruisers onboard' to minimize overall crowded spaces like promenade areas or pool decks or busy lounges/bars. How they handle that is going to be interesting. Can I see, no cabin having a 3rd or 4th occupant? Or larger suites having the number of guests permitted in it to change? What else might there be?
  9. What really is a cruise ship? It is a huge hotel, a street of restaurants, and an amusement park (more extensive on some ships than others. When you say the " cruise industry wont open until public is ready" people will be getting accustomed to restaurants again at some point, as well as going to hotels and even Disney has talked about opening soon. When you say "Anytime I mention cruising to friends they say “ fu&% that!”... Cruising will be the last vacation on most peoples minds" I disagree, there will be people who will go when they can do it. There will always be customers, a
  10. If things are available to do/go to there will always be customers for them, ALWAYS.
  11. You are correct in saying "only time will tell.....what measures will be in place". You have already listed some things that will make you unwilling to cruise. I can't say what mine are....and as I said I don't know live in abstract fear. I am taking simple actions but trying hard not to be overly consumed by fear so as to fracture me. DH and I want to cruise again, and when it reopens and we learn what the cruise line itself has done and what will be expected of us as cruisers, we will then make a decision on when to cruise again. We still have several booked....the futur
  12. I expect we will cruise as much as we did before....some of the ones we had scheduled will take a bit to reschedule to fit our personal calendar.
  13. Right now you are correct there are no cruises to take. As you say "we won't know what we are willing to do until we see what it is." and you are quite right. But one thing I believe I can say for my DH and me, is that we do WANT TO CRUISE again. There are many people who from what I have read, have no plan to cruise again.....and for me to react like that out of 'abstract fear', I can't do. I want to cruise again, and when they tell me what to expect, I hope to still enjoy the experience.
  14. I love the perspective. We have a short cruise scheduled for the end of August. Just a weekender on Navigator. If it gets the go ahead to sail, we are ON IT. I am fortunate, I don't have to fly to the port, it is a short drive for us.
  15. How nice for Host Clarea. But I hope he still adds his expertise.
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