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  1. Thanks for the insight -still struggling a bit with having to lug a blazer so may just skip the "formal" nights and eat topside or in our suite. We will be in the bush in Medikwe S.Africa and Botswana for 10 day before boarding the explorer so we really need to manage our packing to a minimum considering that with transit time from the US we will be away for 30 + days. Look forward to meeting you onboard and comparing travel notes. - we are on the Origin in the Galapagos in 5 weeks.
  2. We will be on the Cape Town to Zanzibar leg next March - can anyone who has been on the Explorer please share their experience and if the typical SS Formal attire nights are done on the expedition type ships and itineraries? We are also on the Origin this August in the Galapagos and my impression is that there either will not be any "formal" night partly due to the nature of the itinerary and partly due to the new Covid protocals being enforced on board.
  3. According to my SS contact they will be doing Covid testing aboard the Origin prior to leaving the ship and will deliver written test results before disembarking. I ftat is the case no worries - I doubt that a high end line like Silversea would risk stranding the clients in a foreign country. More likely will cancel if they can't comply with US CDC requirements. Marriott was still not open and still not taking any advance bookings but since SS made the hotel arrangements they probably are in the process of finding an acceptable alternative property. I reached out to my contact and hope to hear back soon on what they are doing.
  4. Thanks - pretty much the way we have been approaching but figured it wouldn't to throw the question out to see if anyuone possibly has some vision. Does not seem to be anybody talking about this date/itineray yet - no roll calls any way. Guess we sit tight and see what happens.
  5. We are taking a leap of faith and have booked space on the Origin for a Galapagos sailing in mid August. So far, have not been able to ascertain what provisions either Silversea or their parent Royal Caribbean have made for rapid COVID testing prior to return repatriation flights to the U.S. from Ecuador, specifically from the Quito airport. As it stands today the U.S. requires ALL returning international passengers, even if you have been vaccinated to have a documented Negative test result before being allowed to board the flight in Ecuador! If anyone has booked this itinerary in Equador with Silversea has any updated intelligence Iwould be grateful for the information. Doug and Kathy Palm Beach, FL USA
  6. Dipping our toe back into the cruise pool after getting our Capetown to Singapore trip cancelled in January - too risky to go to South Africa and SE Asia right now. We have been vaccinated and saw a feeler sent out by Silversea for the Origin. We think that because it is such small ship, new and with limited passengers and not visiting any ports except for the Islands we would give it a chance. We booked the San Cristobal to Balta itinerary because the Siverseas folks advised me that both itineraries are very similar one is just the turnaround from the other every other week. As they explained to me the one that starts in Baltra is closer to land and has more focus on hiking and birding while San Cristobal will allow for more time snorkeling and kayaking. They have suspended 2021 sailings through May and suggested that if they go in June it will be a shakedown for the crew and ship so suggested we push out to July and beyond. We opted for Mid August figuring if it gets pushed they will rebook us later in the fall. The young lady, Amanda, who reached out to me from their Miami office has been extremely helpful and accommodating. One tip - if you want to book your own air into Quito SS will give you a $750 reduction pp on the pkg. Flying out of Miami AA is selling Business class for $794 R/T versus flying economy with the package. A no brainer for us. Good luck!
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