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  1. The galley's above? Avoid at all costs. I did that once by accident. Never again.
  2. If the upgraded cabin is midship, I would do it. If it's in the front or back, or in a location where something loud is above or below the new cabin, I would hesitate.
  3. Here is why I like FTTF, in order of importance to me: 1. Early boarding. The morning of the cruise, I'm excited to get on board and this help a lot. Quickest to the food, and I can eat/tour the entire ship before the crowds arrive. It's nice to walk around the mostly empty ship on day 1. 2. Dropping off luggage. I've got my carryon and also a separate bag with sodas. I can immediately drop those off and be free of them. It's no fun exploring the ship with bags in tow. 3. Early access to tenders. I like beating the crowds off the ship in the morning t
  4. I would choose the 12:40. If you get off the ship at 9, you still have to stand in the security line and then get to your transpiration. 11:25 might be doable, but it would be stressful to get there on time.
  5. Right - I was confused on this. Carnival's website talks about EDL. I don't know if they mean EDL or the more strict Real ID. But since the website doesn't mention Real ID at all, it's likely they still mean EDL.
  6. Thanks for that link. This seems new to me. Someone without a passport can board a ship leaving to/from a US port with either of the following: 1. An enhanced drivers license; or 2. A regular drivers license PLUS birth certificate.
  7. I see that the Carnival Panorama has an outdoor "relaxation room" on Deck 14 out on a front-facing balcony. This room was shown to be a place for spa patrons to chill after their spa treatments. It looks to be a nice private spot to sit outdoors. My questions: --Is this relaxation room access controlled? --Do you need to have a spa treatment to access it? --Is it included as an amenity for Spa cabins? This area is shown at 4:15 in this video:
  8. This is a 7-day cruise. Depart Long Beach, Sea Day, Port, Port, Port, Sea Day, Sea Day, Back to Long Beach.
  9. Which nights are Elegant Nights on the Carnival Panorama? I'm guessing it's Sunday (the first sea day) and Thursday (the next sea day after Cabo, Mazatlán, Puerto Vallarta). But I'm not sure.
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