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  1. birdy

    Stingray city tour companies

    I second Captian Marvin. We have used them three times and will be using them again in February.
  2. birdy

    Stingray City, Grand Cayman

    I have used Captain Marvin's three times and loved it each time (#4 will be in February). We had about 15 people on our boat. Much few than the cruise line cattle wagon excursion and we snorkeled in two spots.
  3. birdy

    Belize cave tubing

    Same here. Twice. Loved it and had no problem getting back to the ship on time. We are going to do it again Feb. '19
  4. Did you try Airbnb? I have a great apartment that sleeps 6 in Marginy (one street from the French quarter) for $300/night. Split 6 ways it's not bad.
  5. birdy

    Somebody call AAA!

    Please say it ain't so! We are one her in 15 days. I don't care if she breaks down while I'm on her (hey, I've camped in the rough before;p). I just really, really, need a cruise. (Yes, I do have trip insurance but I need sunshine!)
  6. birdy

    Walk to port

    Thank you!
  7. birdy

    Dune Buggy Rental

    Shore excursioneer dot com is who I have used three times for dune buggy tours in Cozumel. The first two times we had the same guide, Roger. He was great. We have requested him for our third in 19 days!:D
  8. birdy


    Carnival will dock at Purta Maya. If you leave the port, head across the street and to the right. Up just a little ways is a street market with lots of little tents selling merchandise. Very safe. We had a group in our family of 3 adults and 4 kids age 16, 15, 14, and 13.
  9. I've used them twice in the past and will be using them again in 19 days for the dune buggy tour. We enjoyed the first two and look forward to the third.
  10. birdy

    Walk to port

    Saint Greg, If we are arriving by the streetcar at Julia Station do we try to find the escalator on our right or is there a way in on the left of getting off the streetcar? TIA
  11. birdy

    Cozumel ----what to do?

    Went to Paradise beach twice. Great with the kids. Lots of blow up water toys. Then we found Dune Buggy excursion. We book through shore excursions dot. We've used them twice (both with the same guide, Roger). You snorkel, have lunch, visit Punta Sur lighthouse, see the wild side of shore, and visited Hacienda Antigua for tequila tasting/buying (love the blue tequila "Love Potion" it's citrus). We have booked them again in February and are hoping to get Roger again :D. You do have to have a driver that knows how to drive a standard (yup, I drive) and are not expecting anything fancy (old VW bug with the roof cut off). The last time we have all the girls with me and my husband drove all the boys. They also offer cold drinks during the tour. Our boys (16-17) enjoyed having a beer while their dad/uncle drove.
  12. birdy

    Eladio's or Milk Bar in Progreso

    I too am interested in the answer.
  13. birdy

    Double-decker bus?

    Anyone know the cost of Progreso open air bus? It used to be $2 pp
  14. birdy

    Is the Triumph that bad?

    My family and I sailed on Triumph in the past and thought the crew was one of the best we've had. We wanted to return to Progreso, so we are going again in February.