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  1. Fishbone, Thanks so much for the information. Do you know if the buses/vans at the Market go to Curacao Distillery? We have booked a tour there. TIA
  2. Huge thank you to you all. I have a December cruise out of Baltimore and I was looking to see when we could board, being that we are first time Platinum. All our other cruises have been out of FL or TX with the exception of one out of NY and we have always gotten into port at 6 am and cleared to leave by 8 am. This being said, I booked an 11 am flight from Baltimore to Albany not realizing that we don't get in until 10 am. I was able to go to SouthWest site and grab the last 4 seats on a 3:15 flight (their next available). Thank you all for averting a major disaster to a fun
  3. Sgttami, What time can a platinum arrive to board the Pride? This will be our first time being platinum. TIA.
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