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  1. Thanks for the info everybody, especially the hard information I was seeking. The relative merits on 'ambiance/friendliness' is an interesting discussion, but an area where opinion is going to be highly subjective. Notwithstanding Beagle 5's comments about gratuities, it would still be interesting to hear from (I guess non Australian) Oceania cruisers about if the daily debited gratuities can be removed?
  2. Our last few cruises have been on Seabourn (Quest and Sojourn) but we are toying with that idea of a cruise on the Marina mid 2020. We are aware that Oceania is not fully inclusive and the differences that gives rise to, but we would really appreciate some additional information to help us make a decision. Particular things we would like to know are; 1) Cost of shore excursions – what kind of price points are these sold for (disregarding the optional O-life included ones)? 2) Cost of wine/spirits/beer – The beverage packages look (to us) mighty expensive especially given that we are not big booze consumers, but how much roughly are individual drinks? 3) Gratuities – Without wishing to open the perennial ‘should or shouldn’t gratuities be automatically added’ debate, we were taken aback at the daily amounts that will get added to the bill. On the suite grade and length cruise we are on we are looking at gratuities are going to add over USD$1000 to the on-board bill, which looks a bit over the top. Can you request that the daily gratuities fee be removed as you can on some other cruise lines, or are they totally obligatory? Any more general comments contrasting the on-board experience of Oceania v Seabourn would also be welcomed. Thanks in anticipation.
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