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  1. Good evening and Happy New Year! Here's to hopefully sailing in 2021!!! We just booked the Valor for November (my 4th time on the Valor....LOVE this ship!!!). However, we've never purchased the Cheers package before and we will have the Cheers package on this cruise. I have several questions and have tried "searching" for the answers and can't find my specific answers. 1. The Valor sails from New Orleans and we've always cruised from Galveston. With all our cruises being out of Galveston, I remember hearing the Cheers package didn't start till 8am the following morning after embarkation (the 2nd day). When does the Cheers package start in New Orleans? 2. Does the Valor have milkshakes at their coffee bar? I've read the Cheers package covers milkshakes. Can anyone let me know if this true? 3. Does the Cheers package cover drinks/wine ordered in the dining rooms for meals AND in the steakhouse? 4. Does the Cheers package cover the specialty coffee's with alcohol from the coffee bar? 5. For all those who've participated in the Cheers package, are there any other tips/suggestions you can give me about the Cheers package that I may need to know? Thanks for all your help! I'm crossing my fingers we get to cruise in 2021 so I can reach my 25th milestone Carnival cruise!!
  2. Good evening! We are booked on the Carnival Freedom in August. We have YTD and I was wondering if any recent Freedom cruisers can tell me which dining room has the YTD? Thanks so much for your help. Also, this is the first 7 day cruise we've done in 3 years (we've been doing the 5 days on the Valor). So, can any recent Freedom cruisers confirm they DO serve lobster and escargot on 7 day cruises? I was disappointed to find out they don't serve lobster on 5 days anymore, plus, on our 5 day in April, the Carnival fleet was not serving escargot due to a shortage of escargot. Just wondering if they are serving now. Thanks so much. As always, a cruise, even without lobster and escargot, is better than NOT being a cruise, lol.
  3. Good morning! We will be on the Valor next week. I was wondering if anyone has ever cruised on Easter Sunday and was there a non-denominational Easter service on board? Thank you.
  4. Good evening! We've booked the Carnival Dream and currently signed up for Early seating but we may change to YTD. Which dining room and floor is Early seating? Which dining room and floor is YTD? We just returned from the Valor several months ago and for the midship dining room, they had Early/Late seating on the second level and YTD on the 1st level. The aft dining room was all Early/Late dining. Thanks for the info and help.
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