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  1. Good morning! We will be on the Valor next week. I was wondering if anyone has ever cruised on Easter Sunday and was there a non-denominational Easter service on board? Thank you.
  2. Hello! Thanks for the tip on bringing my own Stevia. I have that on my packing list for next week. What other artificial sweetners do cruiseships have? I'm also bringing the SF flavor packs for my bottled water.
  3. Thanks for all the congratulations and tips/advice! I know the dining rooms/buffets will be fairly easy to follow my WW plan because of the variety of salads and fruits. Thanks for the tips on some alcoholic drinks and SF items. I do have 1 more question: does someone know the difference between SF and no sugar added? As for WW, does the "no sugar added" have more points than SF?
  4. Good morning! I started WW (weight watchers) in January and have lost 25lbs on the way to my 100lb goal. I have a cruise in 3 weeks. Are any of you on WW too and can share points of specialized cruise type food, types of skinny drinks available and sugar free desserts available? As for "normal" foods, I can look up the points on my WW app. On John Healds post yesterday, he mentioned you can request a sugar free warm chocolate melting cake. Has anyone tried this? Any WW tips from those on WW would be extremely helpful to the new WW member. Thank you.
  5. Scarlet is the aft dining room. So, YTD was in the back of the ship?
  6. Crimson is midship and Scarlett is aft
  7. So, YTD was only in the aft dining room? The reason I'm asking is because I don't like the aft dining rooms because of too much vibration so we always book dinner in the mid ship dining room. Thanks.
  8. Good evening! We've booked the Carnival Dream and currently signed up for Early seating but we may change to YTD. Which dining room and floor is Early seating? Which dining room and floor is YTD? We just returned from the Valor several months ago and for the midship dining room, they had Early/Late seating on the second level and YTD on the 1st level. The aft dining room was all Early/Late dining. Thanks for the info and help.
  9. Howdy CC friends, Well, I'm booked on my FIRST casino cruise offer, the Premier Getaway on the Valor in April! This will be my 22nd Carnival cruise and I'm SOOOOO excited like it's my very first cruise ever, lol. I really don't know what to expect as for the "surprises" and "giveaways", and I'm SOOOOO excited about the DOU card for me and my husband! Has anyone ever taken a Premier Getaway cruise and can tell me what to expect? Even after so many cruises, I' always get excited about an upcoming cruise, but this time is even more excitement because I don't know what to expect on my "Premier Getaway" virgin cruise, lol.
  10. So, you were in 9200 on the Valor and the blinds were broken? When was this? Did they stay open the whole time?
  11. Good morning, so sorry but I won't be able to get you an ornament. I don't have those online payment accounts and would have no idea how to do it. Plus, shipping to you might be an issue as well. So sorry I couldn't help you 😕 And, thanks, we plan on having a great trip.
  12. Thanks so much for your information 🙂 I knew there was no deck out front and that's another reason why we wanted to try this cabin: for the HUGE windows, HUGE room, forward room looking out the front of the ship without a public deck and the location on the Lido deck 🙂 We're excited! As for the shades, we want to leave them open while we sleep, to lay in bed and look at the night sky 🙂 However, if the sunrise is "brutally bright", can we just open the shades a little? Not sure if the shades are either "all the open" or "all the way closed" and it won't let you open/close partially. As for the walk, after all the eating we'll do, we need to walk anyway, lol. Thanks for your info 🙂
  13. casino@carnival.com I use this e-mail and receive responses back within a couple of days. 🙂
  14. Good morning CC friends! We leave Monday on the Valor and last night, while surfing the Carnival website, I checked our cruise (which has been sold out) and someone had cancelled a Scenic Oceanview (cabin 9200) so I called Carnival and was able to change cabins and BOOK IT!!! There are only 2 of these cabins on the entire ship. Have any of you ever stayed in this cabin, or one similar to it? From the reviews I've read, it looks amazing! I have a few questions: 1st question is, for those that have stayed in this cabin, I know the "deck" out front is not a public deck and is only for crew, but do they notify you when crew will be working on the front of the ship? I just don't want to be sitting in my pjs and some crew member is staring in my window, lol. 2nd question is: I know the windows must be closed at night if we have the cabin lights on, but can we still leave them open if we only have the tv or bathroom light on? 3rd question is: I read somewhere that if I'm sitting on the L shaped recliner sofa, the Captains Suite can see me. From the videos/pics I've seen of the Captains Suite, the balcony is on the opposite end of our cabin and the couches are in front of their windows, so I'm confused as to how they can see in our cabin. Thanks for your help in answering my questions. I'm REALLY EXCITED about this cabin, how HUGE it is (320 sq ft) and we're only steps away from the ice cream 😉
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