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  1. Grr I hate this thing - Karen I didn't see that you posted - until I posted and hit submit - I guess we will get used to it. You have blown in stuff in your attic - I do too and everytime I pull down the attic stairs it falls on my head and all over the carpet it is a mess I didn't know you could hire someone to take it out - I have to talk to Lisa about that we need better insulation in our attic too. Oeggy
  2. Good Morning everyone - it is really chilly here this morning it was 33 when I got up Udi I am glad you found this I am still having a problem finding it LOL - it used to just pop up when I hit cruise critic on y tab button on my tab but now I don't have one any more so I have to search RCCL then ships then get on here Also, I forget when are you leaving on your cruise - next week is supposed to be really cold too - tonight we are going to get some snow flurries in Kingston that is about an hour from me - I can't believe one day 80 something and the next 30 something crazy weather. Everyone else nothing much more to say so I will check back later OEggy
  3. Hey I found us Wow I am impressed I don't know how I found us LOL so next time you will hear me yelling. I don't like this - I hope there is a way to save this Oeggy