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  1. This is my first sailing on NCL.  We received the Premium Plus upgrade as one of the free upgrades.  Does this include shots or just drinks by the glass?  I like to have my margaritas with a shot of Grand Marnier floating on top.  Will this be extra or included?



  2. We are frequent cruisers but this is our first cruise on Norwegian.  I have a few questions and would love any suggestions you have.  We are sailing on the Sun on July 8.  It is my husband, my 19 year old and myself.  Are there any activities available specifically for ages 18-20?  Some cruiselines have get togethers for this age group since they are too old for the teen club but not 21 yet.  Also, I want to try the Steakhouse on board.  Has anyone eaten there and what did you think?  Also, what other restaurants do you recommend?  It is a 4 night cruise so we can't try them all. 


    Any other recommendations are welcome.  Thank you!!

  3. 4 hours ago, Schoifmom said:

    Once your class of cabin is sold out, you cannot price match to it because there are no available cabins to price 🙂  The best you can do is to look for either a cabin coming open (in which case the price would probably be higher) or a low price on a higher class of cabin which you would be willing to move to.


    Not always. Agencies are able to hold blocks of room and offer them at a discounted rate. If they don't sell they are released back into inventory.

  4. 1 hour ago, Hardnas said:

    Thanks, although not all TAs are the same, my last 2 did not get the price adjustments for me... and one even got the price difference but tried to keep it.  Until I found out.. than it was given to me.  No extra perks.


    If I book it myself I have total control and have the ability to make changes without delay.


    thanks, I will message you if I have any TA questions!



    That would certainly discourage me from using a TA.  Just curious...was it a Carnival TA from their phone #?  I always wondered if they have the time to give personal service like that with all the customers they talk to.   Luckily all TA's are not the same.  It was always easier and less time consuming for me to let my TA do all the work.  I didn't have the time to watch the prices all day.

  5. Just off "Miracle", and the playlist shows were:

    "Heart Of Soul"

    "Getaway Island"

    "88 Keys"

    "80s Pop To The Max"

    Actually, some pretty good entertainment, considering that they are, indeed, "PlayList Production" shows.

    Also, they actually had the volume of the shows at a loud, but not maddening level. Nice change from my last ship.





    Thanks for the info! We saw "88 Keys" on the Magic but have not seen the others. Do you remember any live music in any of the venues?

  6. Cruised on Miracle Aug 19. Had a very enjoyable time but the entertainment was poor. If you are asking about the evening shows in the Theater, they were one notch above a high school musical. Also, no live band, only canned music.



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    What a disappointment! We cruised last summer on the Magic and there was live entertainment around the ship and the shows were very good. We spent several nights at the Alchemy Bar listening to the live music playing there. Red Frog Pub had live music also.

  7. I buy gift cards through AARP. They have a 10% discount. Then I apply the cards to my sign and sail account once I get onboard. For my next cruise (7 nights) I will have $500 on my sign and sail card from the gift cards. That is pretty close to AI for us. And we can use it for anything from bars to photos to excursions.

  8. Going on the 7-Day Western Caribbean cruise out of Tampa this coming weekend. Been looking at the offered excursions through Carnival but was wondering if booking locally once at the port of call was a better option as far as pricing goes.


    Should I go ahead and book the excursion(s) through Carnival?

    I've always booked through Carnival even if they can be more expensive. The ship will wait for an excursion that is booked through them. They don't have to wait if you book on your own and get delayed for any reason.

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