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  1. bellemere

    Viking River optional excursion to Colmar

    Thank you for your reply. Hopefully, the tour might be different with the Christmas Markets going on and more independent time. Maybe someone who has done this excursion in December will share their experience.
  2. Looking at this optional excursion to Colmar in December on a Viking River cruise. Are you given any time to visit the Christmas Markets in Colmar? Thank you.
  3. bellemere

    Purchasing Optional Excursions

    Thank you.
  4. bellemere

    Purchasing Optional Excursions

    Is the Viking server pretty quick when you are making your purchases? Thanks for all the input.
  5. bellemere

    Purchasing Optional Excursions

    When you do the purchasing of optional excursions is it best to do all the optionals you are purchasing at once or just a few at a time? Thanks.
  6. bellemere

    Wait list for sold out excursion

    I emailed Tellus@vikingcruises.com to share how some excursions on our trip were sold out and we had not reach the time slot that we could book. In one case, the excursion that was sold out was the one that most people would choose if going to that port to visit. I heard back from VRCsocial@vikingcruises.com. They would pass on our concern and told us to continue to check MyVikingJourney.com for possible openings and to check on board the ship. Thank you to all that have responded to my posting.
  7. bellemere

    Wait list for sold out excursion

    Is there an online wait list for a sold out excursion? Is there a wait list for sold out excursions once you are on board the ship? How do you let Viking Ocean know that you are interested in a sold out excursion which might encourage them to add another time or bus for the sold out excursion? Thank you for your help.
  8. bellemere

    Viking Orion -Reviews for excursions getting worse???

    I called Viking Ocean this week after reading about a tender usage for disembarking in Vancouver at this site. Viking customer representative checked and replied that we would be docking in Vancouver. I repeated back what she said and she repeated we would be docking.
  9. bellemere

    Viking excursions in Hong Kong

    Looks like the day for excursions in Hong Kong is April 22, Easter Monday. Are places to visit going to be crowded. As mentioned previously, the tram to the Peak might not be possible. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks.
  10. bellemere

    Viking excursions in Hong Kong

    Thank you for taking the time to respond.
  11. bellemere

    Viking excursions in Hong Kong

    I believe that Viking Ocean did stop in Hong Kong in 2018. I would like some feedback on excursions for Hong Kong that people have taken. Thank you for your help as we plan.
  12. bellemere

    On Orion now

    Thank you for your detailed reply. I think we can only get one initially per our cabin.
  13. bellemere

    On Orion now

    Would like to know what menus were offered in Chef's Table since we will be sailing on this ship. What was the best way to make reservations once on the ship? Thank you.
  14. bellemere

    Cancelling an optional excursion booked online

    Thanks for sharing the information and experience with excursion cancellations.
  15. What is the policy on cancelling a paid for optional excursion book online with Viking Ocean? 1. Is it credited back to your credit card? 2. Is it marked as credit on your onboard account if you cancel in the 7 days before the start of the voyage? 3. If you cancel once on board the ship, what is the policy? Thanks for the help.