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  1. Thank you, I was hoping that was the case. Kind of bummed, we had to cancel because Military revoke daughter's leave, we cancelled Thursday and the next day everything shut down, we did not get the 125% that we would have gotten if we had waited. Still happy we will get to go sometime in future.
  2. Just received my FCC, it is only for the amount of the fair. What about the $281 bucks in Port Charges and Taxes?
  3. Does anyone know what is considered a "Kid" - My granddaughters are 15-16?
  4. I have tried to search the forums but can not find the right combo to pull the information I am looking for. We are booked on the Edge for March 15th. We ended up booking the lowest Ocean view because my 2 granddaughters felt that they MUST sail on Celebrity... it is spring break and we could have had a balcony for this price on other lines. Anyway, we wanted Select dining, but we were assigned Early seating. I have read on other sites that there are 4 main dining rooms and that you are assigned one of them. Conflicting info from several sites. Some say you have no option but to eat in that dining room. Other posting says you can eat in all four but you have to reserve them. I think since the theme is different in each that we would like to try different ones...If this is possible, when and where do you make the reservations? One group said they just showed up and were seated. Also is there way to just change to Select dining? Any help will be appreciated.
  5. I feel blessed to be able to travel, but I don't like to hear all the complaining about how everything used to be so much better. Everyone complains about cuts in service, but no one wants to pay higher prices. Get real, the cruise lines have to make money or they will go out of business. Enjoy what you get, it is awesome! I am happy for that cruiser that has a million points, but don't turn it negative with oh they don't do this or food is not up to par etc. Have fun!
  6. Yes the made it home today! So proud of my daughter, 20 years in September. Sorry we did not make it to Port Everglades, but we got to watch live stream.
  7. Anyone sailing on the Equinox today, please give a cheer to the newest US Navy ship USS Paul Ignatious. There is dedication ceremony today. You can see it docked near where the Princess ships usually dock. My daughter serves as the Doc on the ship and we could not be more proud! We could not make the ceremony, so everyone give her a salute for us.
  8. We always decorate the door. Use the command strips, so no damage to the door. It helps me find my way "home". Many other cruisers near us say they use it as a marker for their room too. Have fun be clever and enjoy. What ever floats your boat!
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