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  1. We have hopes for September 2020, then September 2021, and January 2022.
  2. This is a pic of my album so it isn't the best quality but this is what we did for our Thanksgiving cruise in 2013. I loved just looking for the door decoration instead of the room number.
  3. Now I don't feel so bad. I'll call in the morning when the lines open up again. I should probably look into getting a PVP I don't have one yet.
  4. I was not paying attention and accidently hit add for vacation protection program. Teaches me not to multi-task.. 😞 If I call Carnival in the morning can I cancel it or am I stuck paying the the money..
  5. Has anyone done this excursion? I saw it and it sounded like fun.
  6. I was worried about that. Reading the fine print said that FCC couldnt be used as a deposit that is what confused me.
  7. Carnival cancelled all NY cruises for this year. I was supposed to go on my 20th anniversary cruise. Debating if I should take the full refund or get the FCC and 600 on board credit. I do plan on rebooking something just not sure out of which port yet.
  8. I booked through a pvp agent named Donna, but I don't know how to contact her again.
  9. I've seen several people state that they have gotten emails from Carnival stating that they will be getting OBC. I have a cruise in September and should receive $100 in OBC, However I personally haven't gotten one of the emails. Should I contact Carnival closer to our sailing date to inquire about this? I have saved a copy of the email that someone else posted on here.
  10. Thank you to everyone who took the time to answer our questions.
  11. Our last cruise was in 2013 on the splendor. We are hoping to sail for our 20th anniversary in September in the sunrise. What is going to be different??
  12. I never got this email. I could use $100 on board credit. Couple of fun drinks for me and the hubby.
  13. We are sailing September 16 and we are still planning on going.
  14. what does it cost to play Bingo? That is something my husband and I would like to do our next cruise.
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