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  1. No fridges on deck one, but a kind word or tip for the cabin steward can get a cooler full of ice.
  2. Still the American table menus. Old menu in the steakhouse. Emma Nixon. She's great.
  3. Currently sailing on the Sunshine and I will give this a +1. We've had two days over an hour wait for any time dining. I am not a fan of the new system. And... There is a strong sewage stink on deck 4 from the atrium to the comedy club. And I got a few wiffs elsewhere in the cabin areas too,:eek::eek::eek:fortunately not down on deck one mid at our cabin. Emma the CD is fantastic and has a good team around her. There was crowd surfing in the atrium this evening at her trivia sing along! Food quality is excellent, but slow (kitchen, not staff). Four days at sea = 4 sea day brunch steak and eggs! Hotel staff are also great. Entertainment team is very good. Red frog barkeep needs help. No issues in bars elsewhere. The serenity pool is very nice as is the Cuban bar and Jiji area. Enjoy your trip.
  4. No. I am also on the Sunshine. Just talked to the Steakhouse Maitre D' and looked at the menu. They have the old menu, and do not expect to get the new one until around June.
  5. I am on the Sunshine presently, and the serenity area is first rate. Deck 4 smells of sewage, as do some other parts of the boat, unfortunately. So if you can get on the Legend instead, do it.
  6. I have sailed the Breeze, a few conquest class ships, the Legend, and I write this from the Havana bar on the Sunshine. I would gladly sail a Dream class boat again. But I will not be sailing the Sunshine again. Half the ship reeks of sewage. Years ago I read the horror stories on these boards and figured they would have had ample time to fix it. Not so much. Most cabins on the Sunshine, including ours, do not have mini fridges. Storage is limited compared to the newer boats, and our 4 pax cabin 1496 does not have a bunk, so our 10yo is in a cot on the floor. The Sunshine doesn't have the horrible bent prop waggle that the conquest ships suffer from, and it doesn't roll much at all, but it does pitch quite a bit in 6-10 foot seas (like 15+ feet at the bow) so book a center cabin down low if you're susceptibly squeamish. The comedy club and main theater are tiny for a 3000 pax ship, so get in line early or you'll be SRO at best or SOL at worst. And standing in line for comedy puts you smack dab in the middle of the aforementioned sewer stink, which runs most of the length of decks 3 and 4. Any time dining now requires a sign in, which can add an hour to your "any" as it did twice for us. I blame the kitchen. On the plus side, the hotel service is fabulous on this boat: cabin, dining, and entertainment staff are all top shelf. Smiles everywhere make up for most of the negatives. Food quality in the Sunrise dining room is fantastic. 4 sea day brunches of steak and eggs yielded four perfectly cooked filet mignon and eight perfect eggs... something I have never seen done so well, including by myself in my own kitchen. The social area of the lido pool on the Sunshine is small, so always crowded. But the Serenity deck is huge in comparison. Bottom line: the Sunshine has its pluses and a huge minus. There is better out there.
  7. Ship - Sunshine Deck - 1 Stateroom # - 1496 Stateroom Category – 6B Starboard or Port Side - port Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) – quiet after hours, but there is a metal firedoor threshold right outside the door that gets slammed by housekeeping and service carts going by during their work shifts. Very startling. Neighbors thought it was us making noise. These thresholds are present at all deck 1 fire doors. Cabin doors have hvac returns so they transmit noise readily. Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - no. Balcony View - no. Oceanview. No obstructions outside window. Balcony Size? Normal or oversized for class? - n/a Was wind a problem? - n/a If an aft cabin, was soot a problem? - n/a, mid. Any specific problems with this cabin? - no fridge, limited shelving storage space. Very cozy with 2 adults and 2 kids. But cabin steward brought a cooler and kept it full of ice for us. Any other comments? - no "Sunshine Sewer Smell" on this part of deck 1 (port mid). Everything mechanical and electrical worked well in this cabin.
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