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  1. The very best day I spent in Honk Kong was a visit to the race track..It was a perfect day in every way. Even though I am not much of a gambler, this day met my need to move among locals and share their lives just a bit. I went in October, so the horses were just coming back from their summer away from the heat. We met at a central location and were driven to the Track, provided with a box, with both enclosed and open seating, a lovely buffet lunch, and instruction in betting, plus a bit of change to get us started. We were taken to view the horses in paddock. Afterward there was a chance to check out the gift shops and then we were dropped off at our hotel. Even for a non gambler, the day cannot be beat. If it is still available, do check it out.
  2. [/i] Will they replace the mattresses? Last time, we had to buy egg crate mattresses in San Juan because the beds were so uncomfortable.
  3. Our group sailed on Jewel from January 3 to 10 and I did write a review, my most recent. If you can't locate it, let me know. I do not have menus. We had a wonderful trip and hope you will as well.
  4. I found out that we were going to St. Thomas instead of Tortola on Cruise Critic! We had made several phone calls to Virgin Gorda and confirmed reservations for lunch at Little Dix Bay. It is my custom to check in with Cruise Critic to see what is going on, particularly on the days before and for the itinerary I have booked. I frequently find tips and suggestions. I understand that cruise lines must be able to adjust their schedules. The problem is, not keeping passengers in the loop. Why do I have to get this information from Cruise Critic? Those of us traveling have to get information the best way we can. I am grateful to those members who posted the information. They enabled me to cancel my reservation and lose only the cost of the phone calls. I did submit a review of our trip but wanted to offer my appreciation in case the review is not accepted for publication. Thank you every one
  5. As you can see, personal preferences are all over the place. Our party of 9 got back on October 6, I did my review on another site, and we tried most all of the specialty restaurants. My own personal favorite, the one I would have revisited had it been available, was Le Bistro. The lobster was wonderful, the steak could not have been better, escargot perfect. The Moderno was good, if I had it to do again, I'd focus on the salad bar, it is hard to do justice to both salad and skewered; special favorites lamb chops and grilled pineapple. I am glad we went to Ocean Blue, the Sole was very good, but I would probably not go again.
  6. We sailed on Breakaway on September 29th. There was some lobster offered in the Garden café on the 2nd night out. We did not try it. However, in Le Bistro, for extra money, they do offer a wonderful lobster. And, Ocean Blue offers a great Lobster Roll in the middle of the day, they are not always open, check for times. I did a note about specialty restaurants, posted under Cabin Stewards, or just search "lobster".
  7. We used Atelier ParkRight. they have a website. 670 W 43rd between 11th and 12th 212 247 7303. We drove into NY, stopped and picked up driver, proceeded to dock and off loaded, handed over the keys. On return, we walked out of customs with our bags, across the street where we waited for our designated driver who walked the short distance to pick up car and then pick up the rest of us and bags. Worked fine.
  8. Just back a couple of days. Weather could not have been more perfect, until we got into NY and found light rain on the 6th. The sea was like glass throughout. The messages sent by this site must have been heard. Although I went prepared, the ship temperature was fine. I carried a wrap but never really needed it. I stayed in the Solo accommodations with their own lobby. The cabin was more than adequate and the bed was, in my experience, more comfortable than most other cruise ship beds. There were, gasp, 4 useable plugs, I did not need any extra outlets, again contrary to my usual experience. There was a safe, my ice bucket was filled, I loved my cabin steward, Martin. He was unobtrusive, but there when I wanted him. In the "lobby" bar, a bartender was available from 5-6 PM, there was a coffee machine, rolls in the morning, cookies in the afternoon. A self service wine bar was available. Orange juice and ice water available at all times. Having said all this, I probably will not book an inside cabin again. Even with the TV on "view from the Bridge" it felt too closed in to me. I could have moved but chose not to do that. If I had to do it over again, I'd leave half the stuff I dragged along at home. I wish I had taken white pants. White pants and tops with mid length sleeves and a few sequins would have been perfect for dinner anywhere on board. It is amazing how dress on board ship has changed. If anyone dressed up, I did not see them. Men did not wear jackets. I was glad for loose shoes, my feet swelled a bit. A Zenergy spandex outfit bought some years back from Chicos for a trip to China was just perfect for the cooler days, 9/29, 9/30 and 10/6. The photographers were available but unobtrusive. Nice! Again, if I had it to do over, I would plan on Le Bistro more than once. By the time I knew how good it was, others had heard and it was booked up. I loved the escargot and the onion soup is better than in main dining rooms as is the steak. There is lobster here, for a bit more. It was excellent. Lobster rolls were available at certain times. I heard they were good, but am sorry to say, I consistently missed them. The sole in Ocean Blue was fine. I wish the atmosphere had been more attentive to the wishes of the customer than the dictates of the chef. I don't think price is the real issue here. In a do over of Moderno, I would focus more on the wonderful salad bar, and skip most of the meat offerings except the lamb chops. The also served a grilled pineapple which was delicious. The staff in Moderno is kept very busy. Sushi was good and price was reasonable. Breakaway is the largest ship I've sailed on. There are so many spots, hidden away. It took me a while to find my way around. The fish swimming forward helped. I wish the elevator floors had told me the day of the week. Food in the Garden Café is about what one would expect. But, you must make the entire circuit so you don't miss something. I found the Asian section small but very good. Eggs Benedict are at the very beginning, warm sticky buns are there, and for me, smoked salmon every morning. The staff in the Manhattan room were more than capable. It is hard for me to believe I can buy a bottle of wine, they can store it for me, and then produce it again when I want it. How do they do that? Menus in all restaurants in this category were the same, as far as I could tell. I had the salmon wherever I could find it and it was always very good. On our table of 9, only the salmon plates were returned to the kitchen totally empty. Shopping was what shopping is when not competing with St. Thomas. I was not tempted though I had a bit of a list. In retrospect, getting on and off the ship was easy. Lines were streamlined and everything was quick. We drove to New York from Maryland and parked nearby for about $175.00 for the time away. I found the staff to be attentive and helpful, cheerful and anxious to please. Alvaro, at the internet desk, tried to help me with I Concierge but it never did work. My charges displayed, but I was unable to send or receive messages from others in my party. I suspect that it must have to do with my cell phone itself. But, what a wonderful idea if they can only get it to work as intended. This program would be one more way of reaching out to, keeping in touch with, selling, the passenger. I would make one suggestion. If you try to use it, install it on board using the instructions available on the cabin TV. Do not uninstall and try to reinstall at sea. Ask me how I know. Cruising is the Best Vacation!
  9. When I downloaded iconcierge to my android phone, I noticed there was a "Ship Mate" app, along with several others, on the page that showed up after I hit download. I downloaded this second app to my Nook and have it available to study now. The screen is larger than my cell phone and it is easier for me to handle. Will use the original download after boarding as it sounds like a good way to keep up with people in my party.
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