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  1. Going on the sunshine soon and have started a diet (Yes, I know how stupid of an idea that is) and I have been drinking unsweetened Iced tea instead of colas or coffee. If memory serves me right the only place to get unsweetened Iced tea the MDR? Is there any way to get it also on the lido deck? I know there are hot tea packs but that is a last option.
  2. a few years ago my wife told me she had lost my BC 2 days before our cruise, I had to drive 12hr round trip out of state to get a new one. So I decided to ask for 10, yes 10 copies so I would never have this problem again. Luckily I have family all over Florida so we now have one near by for all cruises is she ever loses it again. I also have a copy that I pack in my carry on.
  3. Vista did not have the the two free movie ch, But had PPV with some free on it.
  4. As serious as that could of been I know I would of been that guy who would of said out loud that larger people need not be gathering all on one side of the ship. When I was in the Navy we use to have a running joke about the larger men in my division gathering in the same place at the same time and if any let the CO know so the ship did not start listing.
  5. Crown royal is a must for me. You save about $5 per bottle but that is comparing a 1L bottle on the cruise to a 750ml bottle at total wine. The thing to remember about the ships store sells 1L bottles compared to here in the US most stores sell 750ml bottles.
  6. I agree, the only reason we took the upgrade to the Lido is, it what my wife wanted. We had also booked the same room 4 years ago and got bumped out of it when Carnival changed their cruise schedules, we ended on taking a different cruise.
  7. Has anyone received multiply upgrade offers for the same booking? As of today (14SEP18) My wife and I have received 5 different upgrade offers for a booking on the Sunshine sailing in December. The first 3 upgrades just moved us from our original interior cabin to another interior cabin but on a higher deck, and the price was not worth it. On the 4th upgrade offer the price was right and it moved us from Deck 1 to the Lido and it was only for $20$ total. (We took that one) Normal my story would stop here, but today I received another upgrade offer and this time it was not for a interior upgrade. It was for a window, window cloud nine spa, balcony, or suite. Pricing from 200 for the window view to 550 for the suite, for a 5day cruise. So here is my real question, Have any of you also received multiply upgrade offers and is it common to for these offer to keep going down in price like the first 4 I received? Also if it makes any difference I booked this cruise 2 years ago.
  8. Take your food back to your room if you feel like you can't get a seat. BOOM problem solved. If you feel like you need to eat on the lido and you don't want to wait for an open table just think about all the sailors on an aircraft carrier who have to wait 2hrs in line for a hot meal and than can't find a seat right away.
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