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  1. bruce-r

    Photography Go Pro camara

    [quote name='geekybiker']I would highly recommend you don't bring a camera with you for awhile. Video, still of otherwise. There is a lot to deal with as a new diver and diving with gadget is going to take your attention off things that are going to keep you alive.[/QUOTE] This. 1st open water dive isn't the time/place for a camera.
  2. bruce-r

    Dealing with gear on cruise

    We've always had a balcony, so that's where my gear drys, but sometimes the shower is too small for good rinsing. The best shower for rinsing dive gear is up on deck by the pool. After the rinse, then just lay out the gear on one of the lounge chairs, have a drink and enjoy the view for a while.
  3. Capt, I couldn't agree more on the pictures/bubbles thing. As for consuming the lion fish, preparation is is very important. Those spines are toxic. I'm all for shooting the invasive carnivores.
  4. [quote name='Loves_Dogs']I highly recommend Admirality Dive Center in St Thomas (in case Blue Island cannot accommodate you). Here is a link: [url]http://www.admiraltydive.com/[/url][/QUOTE] This would be the better choice for more experienced divers IMO. While the shore dive at Coki Beach is good for beginners or divers in a mixed group, it might be a little underwhelming for divers looking for a dive oriented cruise.
  5. bruce-r

    best island to scuba dive?

    [quote name='Laurie S.']I would agree with Grand Turk for scuba diving.[/QUOTE] Me too. Before the cruise dock was built, scuba diving was the primary reason people visited Grand Turk.
  6. bruce-r

    Thank you Santa!

    And leave the knife at home. It won't be needed for sharks and it will only be a hassle for you when it comes to ship's security.
  7. bruce-r

    Dive Operators Opinions Needed

    My experience as well. I'd go with them again.
  8. bruce-r

    Diving Cozumel and CAyman March 1 and 2

    [quote name='Shark Bait!']If Alison is booked, you can look into Aldora, Blue Angel, & [b]BlueXT[/b]. All good ops that will cater to cruise divers pending # of divers and arrival times.[/QUOTE] You mean [url=http://www.bluextseadiving.com/]Blue XT~Sea Diving[/url] I'd also consider [url]www.scubatony.com[/url]
  9. Of your choices I know for certain the I would definitely NOT dive in St. Maarten again. Diving in Puerto Rico is problematic as the decent diving is over 2 hours away from San Juan. I'd probably not try to dive there.
  10. bruce-r

    Ventura cruise 11th feb 2011 - diving

    If you haven't already, you should post this in the roll call section for your specific cruise.
  11. Some nice photos, but [i]really hate[/i] seeing a DM threaten a puffer fish enough to make it inflate. That's just wrong
  12. CC transaction fees in Mexico can be as high as 12%. You wouldn't expect a small operation to eat that charge. Even in the US where the transaction fee is a more reasonable 2-4%, when buying large items you can often negotiate a cash discount.
  13. bruce-r

    helmet walk in cozumel

    I completely agree. While I very much enjoy scuba diving and am comfortable in/under water, I'm very reluctant to recommend a water based activity such as this to a non-swimmer. It just doesn't seem safe.
  14. [quote name='Califcat'] My 2nd Question is: Where do you book the Princess Cay SCUBA? I don't see this offered under excursions. Is this an on-board booking only? Book only once at Princess Cay? [/QUOTE]Does Princess even offer scuba at Princess Cays? They didn't when I was there a few years ago. If they do, I wouldn't have the highest expectations for the dive.
  15. bruce-r

    Diving Curacao

    I'd bet you'd be able to get help carrying the gear into the water, so you'd likely only have to walk a few feet geared up before you could float.