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  1. I keep seeing it websites posting the "Carnival Panorama Inaugural Season". I know the first sailing is the Inaugural cruise, but wondering what they mean by season. Anyone know ?? First 3 months, year, etc...?? Or there is no such thing!
  2. Get a balcony and sleep on there, my friend does every cruise. Serenity deck they leave you alone as well!
  3. I have heard others can still go, she will need to miss the cruise to file the claim, the insurance will reimburse her, not Carnival. But really it will depend on the insurance co. not others and Carnival.
  4. Skyzone is on the other end of deck 6, it is forward, the cabin is more aft :)
  5. I have found this too for other class ships, just heard on Vista class ships they are slightly larger. My roommate does not need a fully accessible cabin, however I have stayed in many fully accessible cabins, and yes they are larger. First time on Vista class ship for me and roomie! Just curious if what I was told is true, it will not make a difference either way :)
  6. I'm sure it will be, I have heard since it is a accessible cabin it is slightly larger than the others but it's hard to tell that on all the deck plans! https://www.carnival.com/common/CCLUS/ships/ship/htmlDeckplans.aspx?&shipCode=PO#deck/6
  7. We will be in that cabin in April 2020 , so would be interested to hear also <3
  8. Sometimes you can see a charter here : https://www.cruisetimetables.com/full-cruise-ship-charters.html
  9. Yes it said yesterday it was beginning but none of the pages were working for me so I said it would start today :) It looks like the Carnival gift cards are now members only purchase. They are having a lot of kinks, as the quizzes are not giving the correct amount of points for quizzes. So give them time to work them out.
  10. I had the social plan wifi and my fitbit wouldn't sync, but as soon as I got home and took it off airplane mode, it synced right up. I was gone 7 days.
  11. The AARP is being renamed and will not be available until tomorrow. If you already had points, they will comp you some new points, but it is starting over with a new company handling the rewards, so points won't transfer>
  12. Yes, boarding is done on an individual basis, not by cabin. All will be fine!
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