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  1. How long does it take to get declined?? I placed a couple of bids over a week a go. Our cruise is April 9th
  2. Now it makes sense..lol Thank you. I am trying for a Haven on the Getaway. If I get it wonderful if not I'll be happy in my Balcony. Thanks for your help..
  3. Question: I keep receiving the email to bid. Well I finally did place a bid but when I went to look on the website, all the cabins i bid on were sold out. Why do they allow you to bid if cabins are not available? We sail in 17 days.
  4. Yea it always pays to watch the ncl website..
  5. Thank you.. Honestly didn't think that happened on Haven cabins.
  6. Looking for info on the small and large cabanas. What is included? Is it worth it?
  7. FYI just checked NCL site and my Thanksgiving day Haven H5 cabin is down $400!!! I called and they adjusted it.. Just wanted to let others know so you can check and see.
  8. how do people get unlimited passes for the go cart and laser tag? Thanks
  9. How long before you post video or pictures of your Haven cabin? Can you tell I can't wait to see it..lol .
  10. what is your name on youtube? I looked up chesneygirl but was unsure if that was you or not. Thanks
  11. What an awesome video! We are also going to be on deck 17 Haven in November. Are all the balconies bigger then on deck 18? Thanks
  12. If I booked through a TA, how does the bidding process work? Will they contact her or will it still show up on my NCL
  13. I tried but can't find the answer to this. Since I cruised last I see that NCL now charges for room service. Does this still apply if you are in the Haven Spa cabin? Thanks in advance..
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