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  1. Perfect. Thank you. Now it all makes sense. Teanne
  2. Thanks for the info-very helpful. I just downloaded the HAL app too. Thanks again. Teanne
  3. I purchased internet for an upcoming cruise for myself and my husband. They didn't really give any information about the internet except the cost and that it would be "delivered to my cabin". Anyone have any experience with HAL's internet. Is it unlimited and can you use more than one device. Is the ship wifi cabable? I'm on Nieuw Amsterdam leaving FLL on Feb 29. We like to read and check emails and surf online. HAL's website leaves a lot to be desired.They could learn something from Celebrity and RCCL. Teanne
  4. Its weird because I haven't heard anything from HAL so far. But our cruise isn't until the 29th so maybe I'll be getting one closer to the cruise date. Teanne
  5. TeanneTX


    Are you by any chance on the Celebrity Millenium leaving May 24th? My sister and I are on that cruise and I have everything booked except Ketchikan. Will have to do some more research. Teanne
  6. Thanks for the info on the pizza place. Will check it out.
  7. Thanks so much. Will look into doing this. Sounds like fun.
  8. I really don't want to rent a car for the little time we are there. Would love a tour out of Anchorage into Alaska. Any tour suggestions?
  9. We leave the next morning on the train for Talkeetna. So just basically afternoon and early evening in Anchorage.
  10. My SIL and I are doing an Alaska cruise in May. We are also doing the RC Pre-cruise Tour 5 B. My question is about Anchorage. We both arrive around noon and just wondering what to do with the rest of the day in Anchorage. I bought the Tour Savers Book and have some 2-1 coupons for Botanical Gardens and the Zoo. Is there anything else more "exciting" to do there? We're not big drinkers and since we're in our 60's-not really interested in the bar scene. Any suggestions on "must see" in Anchorage. Or should we do an air tour of someplace nearby. Teanne
  11. Your right. I checked on my itinerary through Delta and it shows the same seats and that I'm still in 1st class. Weird that Chase would say its Business. Oh well. Its still the same equipment-AB 321'a.
  12. I have an Alaska cruise in May and booked my tickets using points through Chase. I booked Open Jaw, Austin-Anchorage and Vancouver -Austin in First Class. I just received notice from Chase saying that Delta changed me to Business Class. I plan to call Chase on Monday but was just wondering if this is "normal". Teanne
  13. Thanks for the info. I did contact them directly about booking their whale watching/ziprider tour and they told me to book it through the cruise line. I was surprised I got that response from them. Guess they must have some sort of agreement with the cruises. Hmmm Teanne
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