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  1. We've been in an aft suite on Deck 8 on the old Royal Princess (now rgw Pursuit) ----- never again because the noise from the chairs and tables above us was awful. Since then, when we have been in an aft suite on a old R. ship, we've chosen Deck 7.
  2. Some of my ancestors were on the Speedwell. They decided to stay in Devon rather than risk the Atlantic. Some of their descendents still live in the county.
  3. Which ports are thinking about?
  4. Thank you. Hope you're surviving the awful floods in the Midlands and 'Up North' --- looks awful on the news.
  5. Laundry! Tell me more! We're in a 'corner' for suite 21 nights this coming November. We're also Discovery Plus. What laundry perks can we expect? Thanks.
  6. Thanks HGC Your way (the link) has worked for me!
  7. Many thanks. I'm on the Journey November 10th ---hopefully. I enter the roll call by going to the tab on the first page displayed, although that page varies for some reason.
  8. Hi I'm having problems getting past page 1 of the roll call conversations. The page freezes on 'loading' if I try to go to page 2 or the final page. Any ideas? Thanks. Stephen
  9. Thanks so much, Kej , I appreciate your detailed response and it will certainly help with the decision-making in a few months. The biggest call to make will be about malaria: one of our excursions is into the backwaters/mangroves and because I tend to attract gnats, midges and other such creatures (they come out to dine if 'Stephen' is on the menu) I may well play it safe... Thanks once again. Stephen
  10. Thanks again, Fletcher. The link that you sent me worked and I was able to read page 2. Very interesting.
  11. Thanks Fletcher. An interesting read. Sadly, page 2 refused to load and that was an especially important one for me. Any chance you could copy and paste it to me directly at crazymaddancer at gmail.com ?
  12. Thanks for your reply, Silver Spectre. The photo of the wandering goat just under your points about the food was well placed!
  13. Hi Everyone For all of you who have been to the ports of Banjul (The Gambia), Abidjan (Cote d'Ivorie), Takoradi (Ghana), Luanda (Angola), Wavis Bay (Namibia) and Luderitz (Namibia) I need your advice! Any visa issues? Did Silversea organise them or did you buy them yourselves? e-visas or visit the embassy visas? Money: did you take local currency or did you pay with plastic / dollars notes? Health issues? Any other advice welcome too! I'm on an Azamara cruise from Lisbon to Cape Town in November and would obviously appreciate any help. Ma
  14. Thanks Julie. It's an Az cruise but that line is new to West Africa so there's not a lot of advice from them at the moment. WinWin and Tsavorite thank you for your advice ---- much appreciated! Stephen
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