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  1. Thank you again Beamafar. I had been considering using a cash deposit and this made my choice. I will still need to wait in line for my refund but at least it won't mess with my account. I wont be putting much on my cruise card any way. Thank you all who replied to my question even if I did misspell check in. Enjoy your next cruise. Tom
  2. Thanks Beamsafar. I've seen higher amounts for debit cards. So just curious. With a very limited income I'm planning on what amount to save ahead of the cruise. I think I have the info to help me. Thank you everyone for the help
  3. Thanks for the replies. I'm planning on 300 US but less would be great Tom
  4. I couldn't find anything about this in search. Does anyone know the amount MSC puts on hold for a 4 day cruise. I'm not sailing until May 2020 but planning ahead and want to be prepared. Thank you for the info and happy sailing
  5. I just received the status match email from MSC. Princess Platinum to MSC Gold 4300 points. Submitted request 09/03/2019 received upgrade 09/21/2019. I've added the info to the status match table. Thank you for starting this thread. It helps those of us who are new to MSC. I sail 05/16/2020 on the Seaside.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I posted this before I realized Ocean Cay hasn't opened yet. I'm hoping most things are up and running soon. It sounds like a great design. I will enjoy watching everyone having fun. My days of swimming and body surfing are behind me but I enjoy the ocean so very much. Have a great cruise everyone. I am blessed to even have this possibility. Looking forward to meeting some of you. Tom (Islandguy)
  7. I am returning to these boards after a long time away. I'm considering a MSC Seaside Bahamas cruise. What to do for someone 71 and limited mobility. The ceclo boat looks interesting, what else would be good. I'm traveling by myself. Thanks for the info. I haven't cruised since 2011 but did 17 before that.
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