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  1. Capt. James Macdonald now onboard Liberty. Started Nov. 4 I believe.
  2. On Liberty last year we used MTD and before we mad reservations for a specific waiter, we were given a pager. Didn’t have to wait long for our table.
  3. I look forward to Capt. James being on Liberty in November because he is so easy to understand to my English ears!
  4. Liberty iPhone Probably less than 10 I’d rather not get Voom - don’t need to email, or call or stream. Just want to text friends onboard but people back home would be good.
  5. I’m almost embarrassed to ask this, but I’ve read all the threads on this subject and still don’t understand. What do I need just to text someone onboard?
  6. I favor a balcony. You can always go up, but if we didn’t have a starboard balcony one night after putting on jammies, we would never have seen the Aurora borealis when it made a brief appearance. But most important, don’t miss the float plane over five glaciers to Taku lodge for a fresh caught grilled salmon meal. Unbelievable!
  7. DOes anyone know where chefs table is on the Liberty?
  8. Tnx all. Why is the info so hard to find? Why doesn’t RCI want you to know anything about facilities they can’t charge for? Uh, sorry. Dumb question!:confused:
  9. I’ve searched the RCL site, for what that’s worth, and all these boards and I can’t find info about the solarium. Is there a charge? Is there one on Liberty? What does it offer? If anyone can direct me to the Info I’d appreciate it.
  10. OFF the wall question...and I hope it never happens...if I contract noro and am confined to my room, do I still have to pay for room service?
  11. So how ‘bout the coffee card? It says the specialty coffees are “espresso” based. I’ve never heard of decaf espresso. I too need to cut caffeine consumption but really like an after dinner coffee. I even have to fool myself with half caf in the morning.
  12. Re: chocolates on pillow. Once my DH and I left our ‘tween daughter in our hotel room while we went out. Returned and she thought she was in trouble because someone kept knocking and saying, “Turn down.” She said she had the TV so low she had to sit next to it to hear. She was really upset the next night when she learned turn down meant chocolates and a rose on her pillow,
  13. I worked with my carrier, Sprint, and learned I have unlimited data with int’l roaming! So we are good to go!
  14. I recall the last time I was on Liberty about 2 years ago, there was an ap that allowed us to text each other without the RC internet service. Is it still available or is the only way to communicate with another cruiser to purchase Voom for two devices. And don’t chastise me if this has been asked...I’ve looked everywhere, on CC as well as the RCI site. :D
  15. I second the Ocean Star! I went with my husband on a business trip and we found ourselves with a couple of hours to kill so we dropped in at the OS. It was fascinating and I learned so much!
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