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  1. It's on the other side of Bermuda and a long cab ride about 1/2 hour or more with traffic so I really didn't think that was a bad price. Also, we split the cab fare back with the only other couple there with us that day.
  2. Hello, I went to Bermuda 2 weeks ago for the first time on the Anthem and fell in love! I learned out the Coco Reef day pass here on the boards, so I wanted to let anyone who may be considering it know about our experience. I absolutely loved this day, the resort is immaculate (although not at all my taste), the staff were super accommodating and friendly, the grounds breathtaking. We lucked out since it was the first week of Sept, kids were back in school and they were very slow, we had their gorgeous beach all to ourselves, it was paradise. The pool facilities were also beautiful and we shared them with only 1 other couple. The day pass includes a 3 course lunch, the food was very great. My daughter has celiacs disease and they easily made substitutions for her. We took a cab from port $38 and he agreed to come back to get us $50 trip back due to traffic. This was just a perfect day. Can't wait to go back.
  3. Does anyone know if that wifi glitch that allows you to imessage for free is still working?
  4. How reliable is royal IQ app? We want to use it to stay connected to our kids.
  5. I downloaded the royal IQ app it was free and I thought it was just to check schedules etc... Do I need to download something else to be able to call and text through it? Does this work well or is it spotty? Thank you and yes I was corrected its just per day
  6. Thank you, 3 of us have iphones, so imessage will work without purchasing wifi? My husband has a Samsung, so if we purchase the package just for him can he text us or we won't get it? Thanks for clarifying price also, I can handle $54 per day
  7. Hi All, We haven't cruised Royal in ages, on our last cruise we bought the least expensive wifi package that allowed us to use Whats App and we were all able to communicate with each other while on the boat. It was maybe $120 for the week on carnival. I looked int he cruise planner and it looks like wifi for a family of 4 is $54 per day per adult so that would be $200 a day, is this right? it sounds insane to me. Are there any other options to just use the app? Thank you, Star65:o
  8. Thank you all, I will do as you suggest and place a luggage tag on our case of water.
  9. Does anyone know what the hours are for my time dining? We have an excursion one day at 6pm, so ideally would like to eat by 5pm, is that possible in the dining room?
  10. Thank you, I am thinking 2 small duffels filled with water bottles that I can then use for all the souvenirs I will buy!
  11. Hi, trying to figure out what we will do in Bermuda on our upcoming cruise and it looks like there are 2 pier areas, do you know which area Anthem of the Seas will dock in?
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