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  1. where do you guys find these great offers. When I look it just has the normal casino deal offers.
  2. ugh the review was awful, back to the drawing board
  3. Hello, We want to do a resort day pass in Ocho Rios and Carnival offers the Grand Bahia Principe Ocho Rios resort day. The excursion has no reviews, has anyone done this? If so, how is it, how far? I assume carnival includes transportation back and forth. Never been to Jamaica and I have heard form others safety may be a concern so I am hesitant to book something without reviews. Thanks for your help!
  4. Hello, We are sailing to Ocho Rios, and we are looking for a nice, safe resort for a day. Carnival offers this at the Grand Bahia Principe Jamaica resort but there are no reviews. Does anyone have any details to share, have you been, how was it, how far form port. Any info is appreciated. Thank you
  5. Can I take sparkling canned water like bubbly?
  6. Hello, Visiting Ochio Rios for the first time with Carnival and I see they are offering the Bahia Resort day pass but there are no reviews. Has anyone experienced this, been to this resort,, etc... To be honest I have heard there may be safety concerns in Ochio Rios and I want to be sure we pick the right excursion. If you haven't heard of this any other resort day passes we should consider that are in safe areas? Thanks!
  7. Yes, my question was if you have your time dining and there is a wait, does FTTF give you priority in this situation?
  8. I found the definition and I am wondering if you feel this is worth it if you have Your time dining. We are also on the horizon 6 day so it's more money. What are your thoughts?
  9. Sorry to bother but what is FTTF? Thanks
  10. Hello, I went to Bermuda 2 weeks ago for the first time on the Anthem and fell in love! I learned out the Coco Reef day pass here on the boards, so I wanted to let anyone who may be considering it know about our experience. I absolutely loved this day, the resort is immaculate (although not at all my taste), the staff were super accommodating and friendly, the grounds breathtaking. We lucked out since it was the first week of Sept, kids were back in school and they were very slow, we had their gorgeous beach all to ourselves, it was paradise. The pool facilities were also beautiful and we shared them with only 1 other couple. The day pass includes a 3 course lunch, the food was very great. My daughter has celiacs disease and they easily made substitutions for her. We took a cab from port $38 and he agreed to come back to get us $50 trip back due to traffic. This was just a perfect day. Can't wait to go back.
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