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  1. We prefer to use cash for daily purchases and credit cards for hotels or bigger ticket items. Both our debit card and our credit cards are without fees (auto rebate of atm fees on debit) and we have not had a problem in finding an atm yet. We haven't had the negative reaction the previous poster did with using cash and we have been doing so extensively for the last 4 years. Just do whichever works best for you - it will be easier than you think!
  2. If you take the train round trip from Oriente station, you can get the metro at the same station to go to the airport. You simply take the elevator down to the lower floor when you get off the train.
  3. Word of warning on the bikemyside tour with Daniel. He took us on our first tour in Portugal in 2013...we will be headed back in a couple months for our 4th long term stay thanks in part to his introduction to what is now one of our favorite countries. That first tour can be addictive!!
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