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  1. Just FYI flight attendants on domestic receive no crew meals only the pilots. Flight attendants eat refusals or bring their own food. AA very rarely will take a delay for domestic passenger meals in F. Just to clarify. Glad it all worked out for you. Miles
  2. What I posted were just guidelines and you will see different ones on the net. Go with what you feel is right. In Switzerland we just leave a little bit as service is included as well as many EU countries. On a cruise we never bribe a tip but if we feel we want to give one or two including the crew fund that is strictly our business and really don't want to be lectured about it as this is a personal choice. You won't be taken to the brig if you decide to tip someone who has really taken care of you. Yes we do tip certain people and not ashamed of it as I said this is our personal business. Miles
  3. We have booked this twice and both times it was cancelled. Of course they will not let you freeze in the accommodations. Four times to Antarctica and the flyover and land portions were cancelled. Expedition ships manage better because they go deeper south and have the Zodiacs. I hear SS has a great adventure there all inclusive. Roughing it in luxury not a bad mix. Miles
  4. Terry FWIW, you made your blog so fun to follow and wished we were there but in January we will be with you and some of your new found friends and they certainly do not sound boring and think alike. We will be on the same schedule as we do not retire early with so many sea days ahead of us and I will still have time to go to the fitness center to regain my energy and stay fit. And you will be joining me..right? We will see how that goes.😀 Anyway, have a great safe trip home. All The Best, Miles & Dan
  5. Good suggestions were made. I am a native Miamiam and one place I always suggest is to visit is Vizcaya. Here is a link for you. Well worth seeing. This is the John Deering estate. http://www.vizcaya.org/ Miles
  6. Vince you are correct about the past issues. I just forgot about them. Miles
  7. "I predict the oceanviews and verandahs will still be affordable, offset by the income from the penthouse-type categories. Anyway, I certainly hope so." I don't think that is the plan. Crystal is a business not a charity. Prices I predict will increase somewhat. The old rule of supply and demand. Miles
  8. Worked on my computer. The sound was fine.
  9. Works for me as well since we have private arrangements on all our cruises we leave at 10:00 AM. If everyone would just READ the disembarkation process delivered to your stateroom or view the Crystal channel everything would be Crystal clear. No announcements are ever made thank goodness. Even when you get your luggage tags the information is there if one bothers to read it. Miles
  10. If you know the pillow you want from the menu you can order it through your TA or onboard guest services. Miles
  11. Why would Crystal do a focus group on potential cruisers? That does not make sense whatsoever. I have been in focus groups as a consumer and with my former employer. Focus groups usually are people who know the product or the business and focus on issues and improvements. I concur with Observers comments. Miles
  12. The cancel for any reason Crystal insurance is very expensive. You can get a similar policy with other carriers. I would talk to your TA. Miles
  13. Not expensive to change the felt as you can buy them from wholesalers in Nevada. The rules did change for the better. Yes and they still have surrender. Miles
  14. On a soft 17 the dealer would have seven A&6 Dealer could pull cards which gives them greater odds. Now a soft 17 become a hard 17 the dealer cannot pull cards. Better odds for the table as they must stay on a A&6 soft. A ten 10&7 or any combination is a hard 17 no dealer pulls. Player can always hit a soft 17 and should. BJ played properly and units bet can be fun and profitable if you can learn how to count cards. I was taught by a professional in LAS and knew nothing and played badly. I am never at a casino to break the bank...I just know when to cash into the cage. Sometimes you need to grab hold of the right shoe and push your bet. You will lose playing one unit at a time. I hope this helps. Miles
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