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  1. New to Regent, but experienced cruiser.......booking the Explorer transatlantic on 11-23. Question #1: We sleep later and we may have to take a cabin near the gym/workout area. I would assume the area opens early..........can anyone tell me approx. when it opens and if I should be concerned with a cabin in the area? Question #2: Since we are booking late, I assume the air arrangements is "iffy". But since we want to go to Lisbon early, am I right is thinking that we have to request special handling with Regent Air to go early. If that is the case, making my own arrangements may be best since air is presently on the low side.....within the $1500 credit. (not concerned with the Miami return or transfers). Would love to hear any comments, particularly about any perils of booking late.
  2. just returned from a cruise on the Summit......late dining time was 8:15PM. Is this true for all Celebrity ships? I always thought it was 8;30. The time difference may not seem important, but we found it very nice to attend the early show and then go directly to the MDR and be seated. Having anytime dining proved to be no earlier than 8:15 and, sometimes, later. At least the later time would provide a great schedule for us......cocktails at 6, show at 7 and dining at 8:15. And the late dining would give us the same table and server each night! We have always been advocates of Anytime Dining, but our experience on the Summit have us reconsidering and , perhaps, changing to Late dining on the Oct 13th Eclipse. What are your thoughts?
  3. Curious........does the convertible sofa bed take up more room in the stateroom than one without it? Or.....are all sofas equal? Got my choice so just wondering....
  4. Booking this weekend......any advantage for the cabin to be on one side or the other?
  5. Thanks EDWARD51......taken many Celebrity cruises, but didn't know about the B2B discount. Solstice B2B starting Oct 29th & Nov 8th...requested my TA get the discount for me & 1 day later, she told me I got a $200 credit on my credit card.
  6. We had a great MDR server on a 14 day Eclipse cruise in Feb of this year. He was going on vacation and then returning to the Solstice...and was going to be on the Solstice when we sail on Oct 29th for 22 days. Unfortunately we have forgotten his name...not good! We may see him, but if you have any recommendations from your recent Solstice cruise, I'd love to hear them.
  7. Celebrity cruiser, but I am interested in a Cuba cruise with a choice of Amazara or RCL..........I'll be on two Celebrity cruises this fall (Australia & NZ) and I was wondering if I can book one of these lines onboard and get the same amenities that I would get if I booked on Azamara or RCL? I've booked several times on Celebrity for Celebrity cruises, but this would be the first time for this situation. Or is it even possible? If I can get add'l onboard credit by booking it on Celebrity why not?
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