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  1. Swimming with pigs? Take it from a farm girl: Pigs do not like you. Do. Not. Like. You. And they are strong.
  2. Eh, maybe, maybe not. Can my knowing about the emergency make things better? Is it even possible for me to get home sooner? Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Two true stories: We were in Florida celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. We were scheduled to drive home on Friday, and my grandfather died (he was old and fragile, but hadn't been particularly sick) on Thursday. My mother opted NOT to call us. As a result, we enjoyed our last evening in Florida, and we drove home without stress on Friday. Upon our return home Friday night, we found out he had died, and we scrambled to be ready for the funeral on Monday. If we had known about his death, we could not have done a single thing to improve the situation, and we would've been miserable on our drive home. We went on a cruise for our 20th wedding anniversary -- hmmm, I see a pattern here -- we're close to 30 now, and we're staying home! -- and another grandparent died in the middle of the week. It would've been difficult to contact us on the cruise, but no one even tried. Sure, we could have left the cruise early, paid last-minute plane fares for six people ... but what would that have done? Again, our presence would not have made one bit of difference. We would've been stressed traveling home, and we would've hated wasting half our cruise ticket cost ... but our presence would not have improved a single thing about his death. This situation was actually a little bit worse in that we arrived home on Sunday and the funeral was planned for Monday evening ... because of us. My mom was actually the one who made the decision both times NOT to contact us, and she did exactly the right thing. With the advent of cell phones, we seem to have the idea that we MUST have bad information RIGHT THIS MINUTE! If it's available, we MUST HAVE IT! Why? Does it really benefit us?
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