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  1. A word of caution....one time DH dropped off our carry on briefcase in cabin when first boarded and went to lunch. When we came back it was gone. The cabin stewart thought it belonged to prior cruise and had sent to customs! It was quite an ordeal to get back and had important personal items like all our medicines in it. Thankfully, they did find it and return it to our cabin!
  2. Thanks for all the pictures and reviews. I would be very interested in your comparison of all three. We do some sight seeing but we can only travel during the fall (alas, work gets in the way) and we have been to most ports during those months, especially with Celebrity. Thus we enjoy the ship more and have started booking suites since we aren't spending any money on excursions or in the ports. We would be willing to try another cruise line but are hesitant as we have soooo enjoyed Celebrity. Thanks again.
  3. thanks for the update and pictures. can't wait to see her in person in Dec 2019 for the first time!
  4. thank you for your review. we are going on regent this winter for the first time and are a bit anxious about trying a smaller (all-inclusive) ship.
  5. Thanks for all the information about your trip. We are booked on the Navigator for our first cruise with Regent. We have been on many cruises prior but never on something as small as this. I am "worried" that we will be spoiled by this experience. We are traveling with my parents (late 70's and mid 80's) and my brother and his wife. My parents have traveled on Regent many times and have always really enjoyed it. We are not going until December and are traveling in the South Pacific for 11 nights. Wish we could do longer trips but alas, we still have to work. Thanks again for sharin
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