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  1. Any fees are at the discretion of the agent, but you have to have agreed to such a fee when you made the booking. Personally I never charge fees and I would never use an agent who does so, but I know several agents who charge fees. Most will refund the fee if you book with them (for planning fee), cancellation fees are usually non-refundable but I know a few agents who will waive their cancellation fees if you rebook with them.
  2. Yeah, the way FCCs are applied on the back end does not make sense at all. They're applied as a price adjustment, not as a payment like I would have expected. That causes all sorts of issues, not just with repricing but with a bunch of different actions. Such as the deposit issue that has just been fixed
  3. Lovely. Already dealing with a bit of a PITA (I didn't realize only one FCC could be applied to a res, and I wanted to use two FCCs from a B2B to upgrade to my first Grand Suite, so now I'm getting the second FCC converted to a refund instead). Well, at least it can be done. I'll probably just remove the FCC and keep it off for now then, in case there are additional price drops in the future. Thanks Ken
  4. I applied my FCC to a cruise next year and after applying the FCC there was a price drop. I got the price drop but now the full price is acting like there's no FCC. Basically the price of the cruise was $8000, a $3000 FCC was applied and my invoice then showed $5,000 for the cruise. The price dropped to $7500 so I got it repriced, but now the invoice is just showing a cost of $7,500. I tried to reapply the FCC thinking the reprice made it drop off, and the agent told me that the booking already has an FCC listed on it, so I can't add another FCC. Has anybody successfull
  5. We were traveling in a group doing a back-to-back. One person requested a refund for both cruises, other two cabins went with the FCC. So far we've gotten all the FCCs in full and the one refund in full, but no cruise planner refunds yet.
  6. I would love to, especially with the length and cost of the flight to Australia, but unfortunately I just started a new job last week and I'm starting over at the bottom with my available leave. As it is I will have 2 days to play with just flying in the day before the cruise and flying out the day after the cruise. No way to reasonably fit in a second cruise this time.
  7. Personally I booked now (a couple days ago actually) because once all the FCCs get processed and people start booking in bulk I'm expecting prices to go up. I'm locked in now, so if prices go up I'm good, if they go down I can reprice.
  8. We basically chased the Cherry Blossoms, we flew into Narita and we spent 4 days in Tokyo going to a few different gardens, parks, and temples to see the cherry blossoms. We then went to Zao for the fox village, and then to Nikko where we spent two nights and one day. We then went to Kyoto where we spent 3 days, 1 day at Hiroshima and Miyajima, and the last 4 days in Osaka (with day trips to Nara, Himeji, and Kobe, and one day at Universal Studios Osaka) We bought a 14 day train pass and used it very extensively. Most of the sights we went to were temples and gardens, or just gener
  9. We did a 6 night best of Japan out of Shanghai, this was the thread I made when we were on the cruise: It was considered a Culturally Enriching Cruise which meant most of the customers were Chinese, and Chinese was spoken predominantly (although most staff were also fluent in English) We really enjoyed the cruise, although had some issues in China. We decided the next time we went to Japan it would be a land trip and spent two weeks in Japan last year (today is actually 1 year to the day from when we got back from that trip)
  10. Fe, a bartender. She's by far my favorite employee, we've even planned cruises to be on the same ship as her when we can. She was the casino bartender on Harmony when we went for my husband's birthday and was amazing, so much fun to be around, we pretty much only went to the casino bar when she was working or Bionic bar if she was off shift. Saw her again on Harmony and on Symphony. I even made a thread all about how great she was
  11. Very good point, we grabbed a GS on 10, then double checked the itinerary against a map and quickly swapped to one on the other side of the ship on deck 8. Also, we live in Key West, I'd have to sell my kidney and at least two other people's kidneys to be able to afford the down payment on a mortgage 🙂
  12. Alright, so with my back-to-back med cruises cancelled, I'm getting about $6,000 in FCC after the 125%. Right now we only have one cruise planned for 2021, a 9 night Australia/NZ on Ovation and we're planning on putting the entire FCC towards an upgrade on that cruise. We usually stick with interiors, but we've done a balcony once and a JS once when the price was right. Originally, we had a $2,500 balcony booked for the Australia cruise. With the current prices we could do: (all prices after subtracting our FCC from the total) 1) A JS with Large Balcony for $800 2) A GS 1BR
  13. I thought Royal couldn't do regular California cruises due to some environmental law that would require them to retrofit all the ships in their fleet.
  14. I mean, if we're going to play the generation card, I've seen a lot more of the older generation insisting that they aren't going to stop their lives and that the government can't tell them what to do and where to go. The younger generation already uses drive thrus and food delivery (Uber Eats, Door Dash, etc) extensively so staying home is actually a positive for a lot of them.
  15. The article makes a few points that are way questionable; 1), their complete dismissal of a bailout is based on 0 facts, the cruise industry lobby is massive and there are several representatives from both parties who work to help the cruise lines out. So far I've seen 4 members of Congress already talking about how a bailout should be given if needed and only 1 who has said that a bailout should be avoided until the cruise lines make some pro-America changes. Nobody has come out against a bailout yet (of course, that could come once one is actually proposed) 2) The "more than half
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