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  1. It's not an issue in the MDR, just in the specialty restaurants, and just the entrees in the specialty restaurants (apps and desserts are unlimited)
  2. I do love the reaction of the staff sometimes. We went on an Alaska cruise with my brother-in-law when he was 18 and he got at least two entrees every night, once he might have ordered three. One of the later nights on the cruise we had a late lunch on shore, so he only ordered one entree. The waiter was worried something was wrong and tried to get him to order another. The head waiter even noticed something amiss and came by our table to make sure everything was OK. BIL ended up joking that he could have made room if the sliders from the day before were on the menu, but since they weren't he was fine. About 10 minutes later the head waiter came back with a plate of sliders, and there was another plate of them on the table when we sat down the next night as well.
  3. Appetite, metabolism, age, muscle mass, athleticism. There are a million reasons why one person may be hungry for larger portions than other people.
  4. The problem is, how do you define perfect portions, since that's different for everybody? My grandmother could get either an appetizer or an entree and that's it, getting both is too much. My husband usually does one appetizer, one entree, and one dessert. I usually need two appetizers. His brothers almost always get 2 appetizers, 2 entrees, and still visit Sorrentos after dinner. No food waste, just different appetites and metabolisms. Higher quality doesn't equate being able to eat less and still be satisfied. I've had amazing meals at 3 Michelin Star restaurants, but even the best tasting 4oz steak in the world is still only 4oz and isn't filling by itself.
  5. My best guess is the original date already has people with excursions booked, and there's relatively little time to get people to buy excursions for the added day. They want to sell excursions on the new day, so it's a lower price to encourage that
  6. You can bring for both legs when you first arrive, just need to have setsail pass or other proof you're a B2B.
  7. In my experience, Singapore and China cruises couldn't be more different. I don't think I'd do a cruise out of Shanghai again, but I wouldn't hesitate to do Singapore again. We did Quantum from China and Mariner from Singapore, so ships were very different, but the attitude of the passengers was very different, and much more pleasant on the Singapore cruise. For what it's worth, we didn't have any issues with the food or English tours/activities on the China cruise, but there was a lot more of the ship that catered to suites in China. The biggest downside of our cruise from China was the pushing/shoving/general rudeness. We didn't see any of that in Singapore.
  8. All cruise lines. Or they do something like advertise free drink packages but increase the cost of the cruise by $1,000. It's definitely not unique to Royal
  9. Was it between Saturday, August 3rd and Monday August 5th? There were a series of mudslides and rockslides that caused trains to be stopped and rerouted onto buses. Unfortunately, if there's a landslide blocking the tracks, there really isn't anything that can be done. It takes a while to clear the tracks and then they have to do safety inspections to make sure nothing was damaged.
  10. I've had hit or miss with Google Hangouts, I could usually receive messages without Voom, but not send, and not 100% of messages came through.
  11. Right, but in my experience the non-drinker has to buy the refreshment package; there's been no recorded instances to my knowledge where they allowed the non-drinker to only get the soda package
  12. You can pay with multiple cards, we just did this a couple weeks ago for a cruise with friends on Navigator next month. When you go to pay there's an option to "Pay All" or "Pay by guest"
  13. Yes, price tends to vary by day and time slot; less desirable days/times (during meals, port stops, early morning, etc) tend to be cheaper while more "premium" timeslots are more expensive
  14. That's cheaper than I've ever been quoted. The one time we did a private photo session they quoted $1,200 as the base package, got an offer for an $800 package when we walked away, but nothing lower than that. That was for just two of us doing photos
  15. That's how it would work for third party insurance, I'm not sure how it would work for travel protection bought through Royal Caribbean
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