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  1. Is soliciting for sex accepted on this forum . If not soliciting, what relevance is young, thin, cute?
  2. @ Hlitner. I appreciate your perspective on the morality of the issue and concur with it generally but my point is simply that choosing not to partake of something doesn't make you anti that thing otherwise where is the distinction between the campaigner that protests and demonstrates against vaccination and the person who has no issue with vaccinations but chooses not to be vaccinated because he doesnt like needles? I am mask exempt, I don't wear a mask but I am not anti mask. Anti implies strong resistance.
  3. Vulnerable groups are far more likely to die or suffer whereas most people that contract covid don't even know they have it. Banning vulnerable groups would virtually eliminate the risk of anyone dying from due to cruising. I am not suggesting this approach be implemented, i'm merely pointing out that this is the logical approach for those that put the protection of people above all else.
  4. Cruisers that cruise operators are primarily seeking to cruise. Not cruising would be a far more effective way of preventing the spread of the virus. Given that both cruisers and cruise lines are willing to risk exposure to the virus in order to cruise it makes sense to at least eliminate the risks to the extent possible. I therefore sympathize with MSC mask enforcement policy as a means of controlling the virus. The safest way to proceed however would be to go a step further and ban vunerable groups from cruising. This may seem rather radical yet forcing healthy people to wear masks would also have been an absurd notion some months ago.
  5. I don't smoke but don't care if others do. In your world am I anti smoking?
  6. Sorry for the late reply. I believe that in an enviroment which accommodates mask exemption it is for the customer to decide whether they wish to expose themselves to such an enviroment. This decision would likely be based on vulnerability. Let's go back a year. I wish to go to the theatre yet I have a lung condition which could be fatal if exposed to the flu. My choice is to stay safe at home or go into a potentially dangerous enviroment. I would not have expected the theatre goers to be forced to wear masks because I chose to put myself in that enviroment nor would I have expected the well majority in the theatre to be forced into measures that assume they are ill because a vulnerable person wanted to take a risk.
  7. It is a great ship. You will meet all sorts of people on your cruise. If you are looking specifically for gays there will be meet ups arranged for people that are gay although but to be honest I have never been on any cruise that doesn't do this. Shame there are no lines that have an equivalent for straights.
  8. Medical exemption means for vaccination means the subject is exempt from vaccination. You have said you wish EVERYONE to be vaccinated so I questioned your wishes and I still do. Regarding mask exemption, the law in most places, including the flags under which cruises sail makes provision for mask exemption. Private companies are free to deny service to the mask exempt and I would choose to wear a mask if a cruise company insists on it. Whether I agree with it is a different question. I believe that it makes good business sense and is good pr but I also believe it is pointless from a scientific basis, especially considering the latest Danish Controlled randomized trials of 5000 people, undisclosed by msm . https://fee.org/articles/new-danish-study-finds-masks-don-t-protect-wearers-from-covid-infection/
  9. Meant to say all 55 states.
  10. All 55 states allow immunization exemptions for medical conditions so your wish that the covid 19 vaccine be mandatory for all will not happen. Surely you do not disagree with the existing legal exemptions for medical reasons?
  11. It would make even more sense to include the information on their new health and safety measures document since some may wrongly assume their mask exemption will be accommodated. It could be done in a couple of sentences just as it was in the email I received.
  12. UPDATE. Latest email from MSC. (which contradicts the doctors note requirement email,) "I called this morning to discuss further with you your original query regarding mask exemptions on-board, after discussing this further with my supervisors it has come to light that there are no exceptions for not wearing a mask on-board for any passenger or crew members. We understand your medical needs however you will be required to wear a mask when social distancing isn't possible in public sears, for example in places such as lifts, theatre however do not need to be worn in cabins, restaurants, bars and lounges. This is very vital as our Health and Safety protocols in place are to keep all passengers and crew members safe." Kind Regards, Sophie Booking Management
  13. UPDATE : I asked "Thank you for quick the reply. I will provide the doctors note nearer the cruise date just in case the mask mandate ends before then. I do intend to complete the cruise regardless and will wear a mask if forced but as stated in my previous email I would like to know whether MSC have a specific (written) policy in place regarding mask exemption and if so could you provide me with a copy?" Their reply ... I can confirm we will need to require a Doctor's noted confirming you're exempt from wearing a mask. We have new Health and Safety measures in place, you can read these measures using the link below. https://www.msccruises.co.uk/health-safety
  14. I have just received this reply from MSC "I can confirm we will require a Doctor's note confirming you're exempt from wearing a mask as this will need to be escalated accordingly." I still don't know what status I will be escalated to. It would be helpful for cruise lines to set out their exemption policies as this will be a deal breaker for some though not for myself.
  15. I'm going through MSC not an agent. I have asked MSC for clarification and they wrote 2 "We can certainly look into this for you with our head office, please can you provide us with proof of this medical exemption i.e doctors note." In reply asked for a copy of any policy they may have and I sent proof of my exemption.so hopefully I'll hear back.
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