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  1. 8 times to nachi with no bad reports. Same staff and bartender. Even the guy running the gift shop is the same. When I spoke to the management there about things I read here they were very upset. Said they'd been using same distributor for alcohol for 18 years. Said others come by with cheaper offers but they don't trust switching. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  2. You are missing some key info. I believe that rci and carnival excursions are using private boats that come right to their dock and the public ferry is from downtown dock? You are there a long time and have that in your favor. What people here are warning you about is people there move on Caribbean time.....much slower pace to everything and they don't care if you're behind schedule. We've been there 8 times and never pulled away on time. They always are waiting on excursion to return from mainland. But haven't left at 8pm. That could make it doable. Seems a stressful way to vacation but everyone decides what is fun for them! Good luck and report back on how you made out. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  3. Spoke with management at NC when we were there last year about these stories and they said they have used the same distributor for 18 years and had no issues. All the reports I had seen last year were chain resorts on mainland. Have not researched this new report to see if it has multiple credited sources or is "fake news". Cozumel is so very take compared with many parts of mainland Mexico. Don't know if you could even find trouble there if you tried. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  4. Not the question asked but Princess has a "bon voyage" program allowing for guests to come aboard and have lunch with you before the sailing for a nominal fee. Met some people doing that; hadn't heard of it before.
  5. My wife purchased magnets for our door from Etsy. You can have custom stuff done if you want.
  6. Only natural to get down right after you got that news from medical. Don't let another passengers crappy attitude bother you. My response to those folks is to say "I'm very sorry for inconveniencing YOU on YOUR vacation. I'm in your way and apparently it should have been obvious to me. Please yell at me sooner next time." On our cruise last year, "that boys" friend broke his arm 24 hours into the cruise. Obviously put a damper on activities that were planned. Both boys ate everything in sight and gained 10 lbs each.
  7. When I did the ship's tour last year, we spent quite a bit of time talking about the security cameras and monitoring. Mostly discussing people falling overboard and technology related to that. Because of those lawsuits, they monitor those cameras a lot... a camera in a normally very quiet area in the middle of the night statistically wouldn't be something that would top the list to watch in my opinion. The software isn't working well. The "man overboard" software just picks up waves breaking whenever the weather ticks up at all. They tested software that should pick up an unruly crowd/fight but it only went off when people were dancing!
  8. Our 19 year old son is "that boy" whenever we are annoyed at him, asking if he's done a chore, etc... so 90% of the time... his name is also Nicholas. We went to Roatan on NCL out of New Orleans with that boy and a friend of his last year during spring break as an early high school graduation gift. Roatan was the highlight stop for us as we hadn't been there before. We did Daniel Johnson's and snorkeling. Had a private guide; we prepaid for all of that through Daniel Johnson's. The snorkeling was hands down the best we've ever experienced. Nothing else was even close.
  9. Did the behind the scenes tour on the Oasis last year. We could take pictures of the engine control room but I don't think pics were allowed in the room where the monitored the cameras. The room is right behind the bridge and they said that 2 people were there at all times and often there were 3. Some monitors stayed on the same image while others scrolled through several cameras. I believe they said there were nearly 1,000 cameras with more being added. When something is called in or noticed one of them will hone in on that issue and if there's only one other person on duty someone else is immediately called in the room to assist from the bridge. But it would be impossible for them to monitor all of those cameras in real time. Horrible situation for all involved. The young man (maybe showing off for friends) said something he shouldn't have. He probably felt bad about it even before being confronted. Apparently he apologized. The uncle made some terrible choices and the father stood by and allowed it to happen. The young lady lost her dad for a couple of years. Sounds like the mom was more interested in being her sons friend and not his parent. I'm sure it makes her feel better about all of it to turn it around and make it RCI's fault. The courts/lawyers will handle it. Mostly these things get settled. Mom's attorneys will want to cash out without having to fight too much.
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