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  1. There are very few cocktails (3 at the World Bar) that are above the $15 limit on ships other than the Edge. Super top shelf liquors and some wines by the glass are above. However, I have never paid extra for a drink. Since we always get the Classic package as a perk, Regent.
  2. The gratuity covers your dining room staff as well as your room attendant.
  3. You can also choose to upgrade to premium either before on on your cruise. There have been a lot of specials lately for 20% off doing this before hand, which makes it a good deal if you like premium spirits and/or plan to frequent venues like the World Class Bar. Classic Package Drinks $59 USD/per night* Includes drinks up to $9 and those of the Standard Beverage Package. An 18% service charge is added to each check. Wines by the bottle are discounted by 15% VODKA Absolut and Flavors New Amsterdam Smirnoff Tito’s GIN Beefeater Bombay Dry Gordon’s TEQUILA Cazadores Blanco Don Julio Blanco Herradura Blanco WHISKEY (BOURBON, CANADIAN, IRISH, AND SCOTCH) Canadian Club Dewar’s White Label Famous Grouse Jim Beam Johnnie Walker Red Monkey Shoulder Seagram’s 7 Seagram’s VO COCKTAILS A large selection of classic cocktails made with Classic Beverage Package spirits RUM Bacardi & Flavors Bacardi Oakheart Captain Morgan's Kraken Black Spiced Malibu Myer’s Wray & Nephew LIQUEURS & COGNACS Campari Galliano Goldschlager Hennessy VS Kahlua Kirsch Licor 43 Novo Fogo Cachacas Ouzo Romana Sambuca Southern Comfort Tia Maria BEERS Alaska Brewing (Alaska Sailngs) Amstel Light Boddington’s Coors Light Corona Light Corona Franziskaner Kirin Kirin Light Miller Lite Moretti Newcastle Brown Ale Pabst Blue Ribbon Red Stripe Sam Adams Strongbow hard ciders WINES A large selection of wines from around the world, such as chardonnays from California, merlots from Washington, malbecs from Argentina, and riojas from Spain NON-ALCOHOLIC Nonpremium bottle water Premium coffees Juices Sodas Premium teas Cheers,
  4. I have found that the well brands are often ones I have never heard of. But I have also found that even when (with the premium package) I ask for specific brands, I get the well. I ordered a Patron/Cointreau margarita since some tequilas give me huge headaches. One sip and I knew it wasn't right. Asked the waiter, who blushed and admitted that it was well tequila (not even Classic package level), so if you do have a package and you are picky, you might want to watch them make your drinks!
  5. Standard Package $49 USD/per night* Enjoy all the spirits listed in the Standard Package. An 18% service charge is added to each check. Wines by the bottle are discounted by 10%. VODKA A selection of house vodkas GIN A selection of house gins TEQUILA A selection of house tequilas WHISKEYS A selection of house whiskeys COCKTAILS A selection of Bloody Marys, daiquiris, and piña coladas made with house spirits RUM A selection of house rums LIQUEURS & COGNACS A selection of house liqueurs and cognacs BEERS Bud Light Budweiser Dos Equis Heineken Heineken Light Tiger WINES A selection of cabernet sauvignons, chardonnays, merlots, sauvignon blancs, and red blends NON-ALCOHOLIC Still water Fountain sodas
  6. Celebrity makes its own ice cream and they have some great/less common flavors (guava, cinnamon,etc.). Many of these will be featured on the Main Dining Room dessert menu but they are also available for free at the starboard entrance to the Oceanview Cafe (buffet). If there was a flavor you liked at dinner, it will likely be at the buffet the next day! Also, the art collection is amazing- if you have some time to spare on a sea day, take a little tour. The Reflection doesn't have my favorite collection, but there are some really interesting (and expensive) pieces on display! Enjoy!
  7. I'm not sure. On the whole, I liked it but bugs like the menus were a pain. I'm a little sad it isn't available for our upcoming Silhouette sailing.
  8. This happened to us two or three times on the Reflection. Even more strangely, one person's app would have one menu and another person's would have another! It was easier just to check with the maitre d!
  9. I have never heard of having to wait but there are separate lines in the terminal for immigration: US and Non-US citizens. These lines can be quite long and the Non-US one is often very slow- make sure to have early tags (or even better, carry your luggage off) and consider using a porter (they seem to get through the lines quickly) and you should be fine.
  10. Oops- sorry! I visit it so often that my computer just goes there. Apologies to Mike and Carol!
  11. Just don't look at the Edge- that martini menu is different. But, as RWB mentioned, the Priesmans' reviews have pics of all the recent bar menus. Cheers!
  12. We often go to afternoon trivia, which ends at 4/4:30. If it runs late, our team makes a mad dash to the bow to grab some scones and other nibbles before heading up to the Sunset Bar for a pre-dinner cocktail. I finally trained the "scone guy" to remove those last so that I could grab a couple.
  13. Thanks to you both- I'm glad to know that the free ice cream is still there (I have never figured out why they keep the gelato on the other ships- the only people I see getting it are those who get a free scoop!) Edge is so expensive, it would be a shame to have to pay for ice cream too!
  14. We had to ask a friend where to find the "order luggage tag" button and, even then, never got them. We just called the Captain's Club and they mailed them out quickly. I hope they don't end personalized tags- I love getting them in the mail and it is reassuring to tag my own bags before leaving the hotel when heading to port.
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