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  1. We are another couple very happy to be able to print this out and use this as we cruise along!! Thank you! Obviously a few things may have changed, but the gist is there and it will be very neat to have this (and there was another list in here that we will utilize as well) for those that are unfamiliar, like us! Can't wait to spend some time in the Big Easy as well as enjoy our much needed cruise! ❤️
  2. Have a Dec 2019 New Orleans cruise booked for a few weeks prior to seeing our city in the options for free airfare. Just kept checking specials etc.. and did a mock booking late last week to include airfare as our city was in there. Called the NCL rep on the # on our reservation and told him that we were coming in a day early and leaving a day late to spend time in NOLA and he specifically told me "people do that all the time" - no worries. Just call this # for the flight part of NCL and talk to someone there. ........ Nope. No can do - as for flights a day early/day late. I asked the abrupt/blunt lady, who was obviously having a bad day and loved pointing out the policy to me, to return me back to the reservation area and did confirm that with another much more pleasant gal who answered. Love it when you get one NCL rep telling you one thing and another, another. Please... just get your stories straight. I tried for airfare, but I'm still going on vacay with or without.. just help a lady out here please! A moment of "ALRIGHT!!" to "meh... well, back to planning my still amazing, if not a little more costly, vacation!" As for ddlb getting different flight days, I cannot speak to that. Maybe it depends WHERE you are going??? I don't know why that would matter, but it could be the only logical answer. I would call an NCL rep or chat online and ask. They'd be the ones that would really know. Oh, and NCL will not reduce your cruise for any amount of $ if you choose not to take airfare. LOL Kinda... your loss, but.. does it work for you??
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