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  1. Do you still have the wall mounted tablet outside the door? If so, you would put the card against the tablet. That's what happens as ships are converted to medallion.
  2. On all Android phones I've had, turning on airplane mode turns off all radios (cellular, wifi, bluetooth). You can then selectively turn on wifi and/or bluetooth. You would need to turn on wifi to make full use of the Medallion Class app on the ship. Using wifi by itself is free. If you need the actual internet, you require some sort of extra cost internet plan. I'm not sure about bluetooth but I don't think it's needed for the Medallion Class. As I understand it, ship cell systems are turned off while in port. That's what allows your phone to connect to the local port cellular. While underway, the ship's cell system is turned on. Since it's super expensive, it's best to keep cellular on your phone turned off while underway to avoid large shipboard cell system charges.
  3. FWIW, I loaded the app on both of our Android phones and was to add all of the required info into both with no problems at all.
  4. Yes, you can request an additional chair but there is no guarantee that you will receive one.
  5. As I understand, this has to be done on the first day.
  6. Have never heard of the "dinner wine package". What is it?
  7. The updated app probably just hasn't been pushed to your phone yet. You can either wait or go to the app or play store and install from there.
  8. We have learned to check the temperature of the thermal beds on the first day before deciding to buy a pass. On our last few cruises they have been luke warm and just not that enjoyable. Complaints to the desk did nothing.
  9. I don't believe you can buy a glass of pop, only a can.
  10. It seems the search page has been updated to the new style since the last time I searched. I'm not crazy about the update. Also noticed that there is no way for the search to show our May 2021 cruise that we booked at least 6 months ago. It just doesn't show up in the search results. But booked cruise does show up.
  11. I believe it's on the order of $5 per minute for calls plus whatever data is used by your phone. This is why you need to remember to keep your cell phone in airplane mode while the ship is moving- to avoid surprise cell phone charges. Apple users could probably give you more advise.
  12. I don't think the Grand is Medallion class yet. I take it the OP has already considered and discarded the expensive shipboard cell phone service?
  13. Would be better if it had big letters "NOT Surge Protected". 😉 The trouble I've had with devices of this type is that the location of available AC outlets is sometimes such that it won't fit in the available sockets. That's why I've always used a power strip with a short cord. Unfortunately, it looks just like every other surge protected power strip and might be confiscated. My latest buy is this from Amazon along with a basic cube tap of some sort (used as needed). I'll see how this works next time. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00FRODUR4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  14. We have also used the same PCP for years. He's very responsive and has, on occasion, gotten us rooms and /or rates that weren't showing on the website. Overall, we've been very happy with him.
  15. I avoid taking any type of "cube tap" that doesn't have a cord. I've run into situations where the only available outlet(s) was physically shaped or mounted such that only a corded plug would fit. As such, I take a small outlet strip with a short cord. It has no surge suppression.
  16. On our Whittier to Denali trip several years ago we had the facing seats with a table in between. While we lucked out and got forward facing, our seatmates were absolute pills. Read books the entire way and had no interest in any inaction with anyone.
  17. Shinola watches are a big push onboard recently.
  18. FWIW, I use chrome and still get the old search page with the dropdowns.
  19. I'm pretty sure my Slice experience was on the Ruby. It's always possible there can be a difference between ships.
  20. Well that's very interesting. We had a Slice pizza place on a different ship and there was no indication of pepperoni pizza on the menu boards nor did they claim to have pepperoni. Pepperoni isn't listed in the online menu, either. Just Margherita and the daily special. None of the daily specials were appealing to my wife or me.
  21. We were on an Alaska cruisetour several years ago. It included a short bus tour into Denali Park. Also available were a medium length bus ride and long, all day bus ride. We asked about dropping the short tour and taking the medium tour instead, paying the difference in cost. We were told no problem and transferred to the longer tour. At checkout we were charged full price for the longer tour with no credit for the shorter one. It took a number of letters and phone calls to customer service after we got home to a get the promised refund.
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