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  1. Trip Biatch

    Majesty Questions

    Thank you, all! Boarding Wednesday!
  2. Trip Biatch

    Majesty Questions

    Thank you Sailor_Sally!
  3. Trip Biatch

    Majesty Questions

    I will be in an superior OV next week! I was trying to find old threads that addressed the following items: -shampoo and conditioner dispensers in shower? -safe in cabin? -Tampa Terminal 3? -I thought I remembered seeing a transportation service listed for Tampa? Thanks for your help. :) TB
  4. Your images are pretty small when I click on them but I do see the shoe bag now. Great idea! I will pick one up. Again, thanks for the tips. I hope you had a great time!
  5. Thank you CathyandJim! YOU ROCK!! I wonder if cabin 9518 will also have a view in between the life boats. Things that make you go hmmm... Couple of questions: -Is the one side of the bed up against the window wall. It's kind of hard to tell in the picture. -Did you feel much movement? Thanks again! TB
  6. Trip Biatch

    Drink package...when to purchase?

    I think perhaps folks are talking about two separate situations. Loss of OBC with cruise price drop and loss of OBC with drink package price drop.
  7. Thank you, CathyandJim. I think I will also appreciate a little bit more space. :) Enjoy your cruise!
  8. Have you used Nationwide insurance and had any experience with submitting a claim? I am weighing travel insurance options. I would appreciate any feedback in particular with claim response. One hopes they never need to use it but it's better to be safe and educated than sorry. Thank you!
  9. Trip Biatch

    This is why you buy travel insurance

    Thank you for the information. :) I don't know the specifics of your son's injury but mine fractured both bones and required an ambulance ride and manual reduction. No surgery was required. Thank goodness! If my memory serves me right, my son was in an above the arm cast for 4 weeks. Then he was in a short arm cast for 4 weeks and finally they put him in a hard brace for 4-6 weeks. We were thankful that they gave us a second hard brace as we went out to GTNP and Yellowstone and did white water rafting and such mid August. Again, wishing your son a speedy recovery.
  10. Trip Biatch

    This is why you buy travel insurance

    Oh my! I am so sorry! I hope your lil' guy recovers relatively quickly. My son fractured both bones in the arm last summer. No fun! Glad you still get to take your trip at a later date. This was a timely post as I was just researching trip insurance for an upcoming cruise. I could kick myself though now that I am outside of 15 day window of deposit. Anyhow, may I ask what company and plan you purchased? Thanks!
  11. Trip Biatch

    Petron and Diet Ginger Ale

    I did purchase the refreshment package but it appears Diet Ginger Ale in the freestyle machines is hit or miss. Thanks!
  12. Trip Biatch

    Petron and Diet Ginger Ale

    Yes, pardon me. Typo while multi-tasking. Thanks!
  13. Hi there, I was diagnosed with allergies to multiple foods several months ago. Since my go to drink has been Patron (made with Agave) with Diet Ginger Ale, when having a drink. Do any of you know if this available on Royal Caribbean, in particular the Majesty, or should I bring my own Ginger Ale on to have with another Agave product? Thank you!
  14. Trip Biatch

    Majesty Bottomless Galley Brunch

    Thank you all for the feedback. I am going to give it a try!
  15. Trip Biatch

    Disembarking Majesty in Tampa

    Thanks for all of the great tips! They are much appreciated.