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  1. Sharing this in the hope it may help someone trying to speed up their shots. I got first dose (Moderna) this week even though not yet age 65 or otherwise eligible. How? By getting on a standby list for unused doses (that would spoil if not used that day). Called 8 providers, 2 of which placed me on their waitlist (knowing that I was not in the eligible categories). The other 6 used other means to execute unused doses (e.g. call existing patients, call those with future vax appointments, some even go to friends/family/contacts, etc.). Was told there were about 100 names ahead of me on t
  2. Great news, the US passed the 20 MM dose mark yesterday, about 5-1/2 weeks after the vaccination program started in earnest, outstanding work. More good news: the 7 day average of daily doses has been steadily climbing from the outset and reached 1.06 MM this past 7 days. This already exceeds the Million a day goal recently set. Granted, there will be ups and downs maintaining and increasing that pace. The US is now 6th globally in vaccinations per capita, as the tiny nation of Seychelles has climbed into 3rd place. And the US still has far more vaccination than any other na
  3. I've been quietly reading this thread for months, and really appreciate the information and wisdom from so many knowledgeable posters, especially those in the medical field. I'm ready now to humbly offer this observation. While many/most of us (including me) have been expressing frustration over the vaccination rollout, the states & localities have been quietly picking up the pace. As of Jan 16, 2021, 13.7 Million doses have been administered with a daily average of ~ 850 thousand over the past week. https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/covid-vaccine-tracker-glob
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