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  1. Hey all. Kyle here. I know Sid has just done an amazing live review of the Encore, but with the ship being new I figured another perspective wouldn’t hurt. My partner Brad and I are going with some of our friends and family- 8 total. This will be my 8th cruise, all on NCL starting when I was 19 years old. More to come, but essentially we have a pretty consistent routine when we do these: -Start 2 days before by driving from Kentucky to somewhere in Georgia -Drive the rest of the way to Miami on the day before the cruise -Stay at a hotel (for this trip it is Aloft Miami Int. Airport) that we book on Parksleepfly.com . We use this website because the hotels that advertise there all offer parking in the rate while you are on the cruise. -Uber to the port the morning of the cruise, usually very early (we like to be group #1). Stay tuned for more! Please post any questions and we will be more than happy to answer if we can!
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