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    fly fishing in Ketchiken

    I'm trying to help someone with their Alaska excursions. They want to go fly fishing. I have no idea where to begin. They also want to go whale watching so I've set them up with Harv and Marv In Juneau. They will be in Skagway and Ketchiken to do fly fishing. Anyone have a company I can contact to hire? I realize they will have to probably go on a plane to get to the river. I wish they could do whale watching and fly fishing in Juneau..but the boat leaves at 4:30. Thanks everyone.
  2. Looking to put my parents on a tour Fairbanks to Denali and possibly drop off in Anchorage. Their cruise starts in Seward. They don't want to drive to Denali. Since I'm not there to escort them anyone have any tour compnay recommendations?
  3. I was going to the Wildlife Conservation Center and researched a little more and found out I should go to Portage Glacier. How long does it take to get form one place to the other? Also is there a perference as to which place to visit first. I have two children 11 and 5.
  4. AAGHH!! I got my Visa statement today and because RCI credited back my fuel charge to my account I am 1 point short to redeem my 5,000 point certificate. Problem is my statement will close on June 8th. I can call BOA on that date and redeem the points and get a cert. number and call RCI with the number. My sailing is on June 13th. Will my OBC credit by the time I cruise? I asked BOA if they would redeem my 4,999 points for a cert if I spend the money but the statment hasn['t closed. They said no the statement had to close and post. I asked if I could pay off the balance and push the statment closing up they said no. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Anyone know? I had it somewhere..can't find it.
  6. I know I read it on here someplace but I can't find it. Can someone tell me whent he formal nights are on a 7 night cruise?
  7. I read somwhere that they serve hot chocolate on deck on the Alaska cruises. Are these complimentary? I know the ones spiked with booze aren't. I'm assuming they are not part of the soda card. Is there somewhere we can get plain hot water?
  8. Is there a difference except for price between Grayline City Tour and the Royal Blue Line City Tour. I know Royal Blue is hop on hop off I don't need that. I have a car. Can I do two "round" on hop on hop off or is there a limit. Like go one time to hear all the info and the second time just to use as transportation? I just want a basic city tour. I need my car to see the other things we want to do in Victoria. Thanks for any advice.
  9. I'm coming into Ballantyne Pier. I would like to rent a car. Is Alamo the only one who picks up from the pier? If not what location do I rent from using another rent a car company. Do I have to call to make sure they have a shuttle? Anybody know how much a taxi is from Ballantyne Pier to Robson St. I'm staying at Times Square Suites. Wondering if I should take a cab to my hotel and then rent a car from Downtown.
  10. Search is down. I'm thinking of transferring my ressie to a TA. Can I still make shore excursions on my own on RCI's website...or does everything have to go through TA once it's transfered? Thanks everyone.