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    fly fishing in Ketchiken

    Thanks....this helps.
  2. lkohawaii

    fly fishing in Ketchiken

    I'm trying to help someone with their Alaska excursions. They want to go fly fishing. I have no idea where to begin. They also want to go whale watching so I've set them up with Harv and Marv In Juneau. They will be in Skagway and Ketchiken to do fly fishing. Anyone have a company I can contact to hire? I realize they will have to probably go on a plane to get to the river. I wish they could do whale watching and fly fishing in Juneau..but the boat leaves at 4:30. Thanks everyone.
  3. lkohawaii

    Independent tour operator fairbanks to Denali?

    Thanks everyone. Sorry for the late reply I've been trying to get a tour together. When I show them the ships tour they don't want it...but want an escorted tour. They just ask for the world. I'll find one that fits their needs thanks for the advice.
  4. lkohawaii

    Are Hump Balconies Covered Fully or Partially

    I was in a hump balcony in 2005. The balcony was so huge the room steward brought us two extra chairs from the pool I think. If I remember right it was fully covered. We didn't have rain and wind never kept us off it. The divider between the balconies couldn't be opened or removed. For the same price I'd get a hump balcony. Only problem was you had to put your deposit down early.
  5. Looking to put my parents on a tour Fairbanks to Denali and possibly drop off in Anchorage. Their cruise starts in Seward. They don't want to drive to Denali. Since I'm not there to escort them anyone have any tour compnay recommendations?
  6. lkohawaii

    Smile tour in vietnam with thi

    I too am considering the Cu Chi tunnels with Princess. Anyone know how Princess can do it when it takes so long?
  7. lkohawaii

    HCMC - Saigon, Vietnam - One Day Tour Proposal

    I am having difficulty finding a guide in HCMC because I am coming off a cruise ship. Can you tell me what company you used? You can PM me if that's easier. I can't figure out how to PM you.
  8. Thanks I'll do just that. I have coupons for the boat tour free of charge from the Northern Lights book. Glad to know that they are fairly close to each other.
  9. I was going to the Wildlife Conservation Center and researched a little more and found out I should go to Portage Glacier. How long does it take to get form one place to the other? Also is there a perference as to which place to visit first. I have two children 11 and 5.
  10. lkohawaii

    Canadian money

    I'm confused. My debit card has a Visa Symbol on the fron but a star and Cirus symbol on the back. What kind of fees am I looking at if I withdraw money from an ATM? I think I understand that if I use my Visa card that is a credit card that I will be charged interst from the day of withdrawl...so I want to take money out of my debit card. What service fees will I run into if I do this.
  11. lkohawaii

    RCI Visa coupon redemption problem

    Thanks I will do that. I couldn't redeem my points any earlier...I didn't spend enough. This was the last of my points to redeem. Then I was $1 short. Not the end of the world if I lose out on the $50 OBC...it would just be nice to use them.
  12. I redeemed my points...got the certificate number and had my OBC posted, all without ever receiving the certificates. I'm mailing mine in today. I called C & A to see if my OBC was credited it was. I'm in your same predicament. I have another certificate coming that I will have to hope posts within days of me giving the certificate number. I can only share my experience. I'm not planning to cruise RCI anytime soon after this so I will take my chances..but if you will I'll say wait. If you decide to take a chance please post...I want to know what my chances are of getting my OBC.
  13. lkohawaii

    RCI Visa coupon redemption problem

    Thanks everybody. Just to save someone some money maybe here's what I know so far. I've redeemed 2 certificates for this cruise and was waiting to cash in my last 5,000 points. -As soon as the points post you can call and redeem the points. You have to ask for a certificate number. There is such a thing. -Once you have the certificate numbers you call 1-888-305-4626. The nice lady at RCI told me that the bank tries to make money off passengers by charging them a fee to rush docs...but all you have to do is call this number with the certificate number and they call the bank to confirm (this is what I wanted to know if anyone knew how long it would take-I guess I will post when I return). YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY TO RUSH DOCS if you get the certificate number. Thanks to fellow CC'ers for teaching me all this. -RCI does not need to receive the certificates before posting OBC. I just got my certificates today but I called to check and my OBC was posted about 2 weeks ago. I didn't call back soon after calling in my cert. # so I'm not sure how many days it took RCI to confirm my certificates and post those OBC. Again, everyone thanks..and I'll post when I get back how long it takes to post that OBC. I hope I can make it. I'll just have to take my chances and see. It's only a $50 OBC so I'll just have to wait and see...it just kills me to have missed it by $1. My fault for not adding up every penny. :D
  14. lkohawaii

    RCI Visa coupon redemption problem

    Thanks I'll redeem...my question is how long does it take once I call the cert. number into RCI for them to get it into their system. BOA just said my statment will close June 10 so I have 3 days to get that OBC to be posted.
  15. AAGHH!! I got my Visa statement today and because RCI credited back my fuel charge to my account I am 1 point short to redeem my 5,000 point certificate. Problem is my statement will close on June 8th. I can call BOA on that date and redeem the points and get a cert. number and call RCI with the number. My sailing is on June 13th. Will my OBC credit by the time I cruise? I asked BOA if they would redeem my 4,999 points for a cert if I spend the money but the statment hasn['t closed. They said no the statement had to close and post. I asked if I could pay off the balance and push the statment closing up they said no. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks