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  1. c-leg5, thanks for the Sol y Mar tip. That was not one I had heard of and may fit our needs given the short port time. What I meant by the double transfers was that apparently you can take a city bus for like $2.50 to West End and then for another $2ish get public transportation to West Bay Beach. I'm just wary of the time frame in going that approach with our short time in port.
  2. We will be stopping at Coxen Hole with a Noon to 6 port time. Can anyone recommend an afternoon tour? I don't care to see the sloths, etc. I'm more interested in touring the island, snorkeling, or going to the beach for a couple of hours. However, the prices I've found to just get to West Bay seem too high given the time that we would be able to spend there. If we were going to be there all day, I'd go the cheap bus route. But, the double transfers seem to be too much with the short port time.
  3. We will be in Grand Cayman on a Saturday with a Noon to 6 port time. Can anyone recommend a company that does an afternoon snorkeling tour? With previous visits, I've already toured the island and gone to the turtle farm. I'd like to snorkel this time since I won't have my kids with me, but the port time is limiting.
  4. TXgalSAM...I'm going in with an open mind. Honestly, MSC was our least favorite cruise of the ones we've taken because of how the kids' camp was for our kids 9 years ago. But, an opportunity came up for a getaway and this cruise was priced the same as a 4 day on the cruiselines we've frequented more often. So, we are willing to give MSC a try again.
  5. Failed to mention that we will be sailing on the MSC Armonia in the Caribbean (in case that affects the answer).
  6. I've searched the boards and can't find an answer to this question. This will be our first time sailing on MSC without our kids. When we have sailed with our kids on any cruiseline, we have always been assigned a table just for our family. On Carnival we can email the Maitre d' beforehand to request a table for 2. Is that possible on MSC? If not, is there someone available upon boarding that can handle this request?
  7. We just booked MSC Armonia for August. We sailed on MSC once, but it was 9 years ago. So, I'd love to get some information that was unclear to me when looking online: - Is gelato free? - We got the free drinks package with our booking. It says drinks up to $6 when looking online. We don't drink coffee or alcohol. So, what drinks besides bottled water and soda are included? I'm specifically wondering about Fancy hot chocolates, zero proof cocktails (like pina coladas), smoothies, milkshakes? - Don't need reservations for the theater on the Armonia, right? Online description says the theater is small. How early do we need to show up to get a decent seat? - We status matched to the Gold Level. With this came 1 hr in the thermal spa. Any recommendations about how/when to take advantage of this time? - Does the ship change time during the voyage? That's one thing I remembered from our previous sailing from them. - Suggestions about Roatan & Grand Cayman with such short port times (Noon-6). I'm concerned about timing with trying to book a non-ship sponsored tour (which is of course my preference). Thanks for any help you (or anyone else) can provide!
  8. I have not been on either lines’ bigger ships, but I have been on midsize ships on both lines multiple times. The length of the production shows in the main theater are the same (45 min to an hour). Now that Carnival has gone to Playlist Productions, I think the quality of RCCL’s production shows is a lot better. We don’t visit the piano bars, but my observation was that Carnival had better venues for this (I.e., a separate room versus part of a lounge with different activities simultaneously going on). We have enjoyed singing groups, duos, and soloists on both lines. I find the quality is more ship specific versus cruise line specific. Carnival has better comedy shows with the separate venue for them, but as far as Headline Entertainment in the main theater, RCCL is better with their continuation of fly-ins versus Carnival’s guest talent show type entertainment on some nights (although I did enjoy Lip Sync Battle on the Sunshine). Carnival evening movie schedule is far superior to RCCL’s. We like to eat in the Dining Room at a fixed seating, and with RCCL the good movies would always start at 7...so too early for 6 p.m. seating and too late for an 8ish seating.
  9. In the end, we decided our youngest was not ready for snorkeling. I wanted to do snorkeling from a boat versus the shore given these ports and we were worried she might not like knowing she couldn’t stand up. Anyway, it was the kids’ 1st time to all the ports besides Nassau, so they enjoyed the ports since they were new to them. You can’t beat exploring the conch graveyard, and the kids had a blast zip lining at Amber Cove.
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