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  1. As I said, I called after reading that to inquire about a refund, and was told “no official decision has been made” and to check back Tuesday.
  2. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but I called Royal today and was told the announcement about cancellations through 9/15 was not from Royal and they won’t have an official decision until Tuesday. We are slated to sail in August and I am getting the feeling that won’t happen. Regarding masks... my wife is an epidemiology professor and an experienced Physician Assistant... so I just go along with what she tells me to do to stay reasonably safe: wear a mask, mow the lawn, bring the garbage out, etc etc although at times I do wonder if all of the directions are to improve my health?
  3. We took up the offer of allowing us to cancel at not charge a cruise leaving on 3/13 and have postponed to August... I thought it was a great PR and logistic move by Royal and all cruise lines. As a young (And thankfully healthy) family we aren’t worried about the virus but we are worried about quarantines, missing ports, and if we are exposed not being able to see the grand parents for weeks and weeks when we get back.
  4. We have a Caribbean cruise in March and I’m really concerned - the upside is a great vacation, the down side is a quarantined ship or WORSE. My wife is a doc and she’s still undecided as to what we should do...
  5. Does anyone recall what table games are offered inside the casino?
  6. They charge you for each day, so if you know you’re going to get it day 2, get your moneys worth on day 1 since the drinks will be refunded.
  7. This is accurate, in additional to the small inconvenience of having the extra key you need to go to customer service to make the necessary “re arrangement” once on board. Please remember, last time I traveled, all your drinks from day 1 could be refunded if you bought cheers on day 2... so keep that in mind when choosing to wait in line at guest services.
  8. Agreed, my wife was pregnant and they still wouldn’t exonerate her from the requirement... fortunately we were sailing with another couple so we could re arrange to have me and another drinker “registered” to the same room. If you happen to be traveling with a group or kids who have their own room you can rearrange the names registered to the room to possibly get around.
  9. Thank you for all the feedback... we are more concerned about best rate and promotions, with Carnival I always felt like booking directly got us to that goal, but I was not sure if booking directly with Royal would get the same results or if TA get exclusive perks.
  10. Hello fellow cruisers; we are excited to be sailing outside of Carnival for the first time in March of 2020 and we would love to know if you have any suggestions for the best way to book (directly online, directly over the phone, via an inside agent at Royal that you want to recommend via private message or any other suggestions). I would really appreciate your suggestions!
  11. I was considering a 9 day trip on the star in March of 2020. With this information one mind, what would you do? (We are pretty laid back and a change in itinerary won’t make or break our trip).
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