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  1. I've had the typical Balcony, L shaped balcony and Cove. L shape is my favorite simply for the extended balcony, Cove second (loved the seclusion and shade when facing the sun as well as being lower to the water), and regular balcony is nice as well. Only thing I didn't like about the Cove was it's distance from the Ledo deck.
  2. Cruised with my kids on 6 occasions in a small blended family. My wife and I have had signed authorization letters each time...none notarized though. I was never asked to produce the letters by either the people at security during check in or Customs when getting off the ship. In fact, the last cruise was the only one where anybody even bothered asking the kids questions...Security when checking in simply asked my kids what their birthdays were and the names of their parents...Customs just asked the names of their parents. Others obviously though have had
  3. There was last time I was on the Horizon during the last Halloween cruise last year.
  4. Had a Cove on the Horizon...wife and I loved the privacy, shade and being close to the water. Didn't run into any of the potential issues others have had regarding any noise from the galley or severe weather. Only thing we didn't like was when it was time to go to the top decks, we had usually preferred to have our room aft and high enough to easily walk up and down the steps to Ledo. Our room was Forward on this cruise so it was a bit of a hike to get to the back of the Ledo and to the room. Minor deal though...I think unless I were to get a Suite (never had one) or an L sha
  5. 15 is a lot, but I think some arrangements may be able to be made if you advise the Maitre D' when you board. I've seen some rather large family groups dine together so I think it can be done if you give them a heads up. I think there is usually 1 or 2 really large tables near the middle of the restaurants for those large parties.
  6. When it's only 2-3 of us, I always do Uber/Lyft. When I've traveled in groups of 6-7 or more, I look into shuttles, but definitely NOT Carnivals...they are too overpriced.
  7. So this was something my wife and I encountered on our cruise. She had DOU and for 5 of the 6 days, she was able to get drinks both while playing and also at the bar (honestly, this was the only place on the ship that we experienced slow wait times from the wait staff taking drink orders). The last night, when she went to the bar because none of the wait staff was coming to where she was playing, she was told she would have to pay at the bar and she needed to be playing. So I think it depends on whether they want to enforce or not.
  8. I don't drink soda anymore so this isn't a big deal to me, but when I did, family and I were pepsi fans so that's good for us lol.
  9. I 've had FTTF for my last 4 cruises. Only had to wait once...we got to Miami at about 10:15, breezed through the priority lines for security and registration, and had to wait about 20 minutes to board at about 10:50. All other 3 times, literally did not stop walking until we walked on the ship (minus the actual documentation/screening at security and registration...nobody was in front of me in either priority line) and walked to our room. Ironically, each time they were literally just announcing that they were boarding for FTTF. Also, each of those times (twice a
  10. Yeah I agree with the person that suggested if you are ok with not boarding immediately, you can just wait with them and board with them when their boarding group is called. You don't have to board with FTTF group if you don't want to/get to the terminal at a later time.
  11. No problem for us on Horizon. Just be sure to keep app open. When it was recently rolled out when we cruised on Victory, wifi reception was flaky but we made it work. Last year on Liberty was good as well.
  12. We just got off the Horizon 2 weeks ago and it wasn't bad at all. At no point did I feel it was overcrowded...I mean you knew there were a lot of people on the ship, but never bad. Now I will say that I didn't go on Lido during the real "peak" times...ie embarkation day early afternoon, but when I went up there to grab food from buffet/Guys/Blue Iguana, never had a line that was any longer than the ones I had on the Spirit/Conquest/Dream class ships I've been on. Never felt packed in the shops/casino/lounges. Only thing that was noticeably slower and ann
  13. Great review. I just got off the Horizon today and I agree with everything you said about the elevators. I hate using the word stupid for people who use them wrong, I think Carnival should make a software change that requires people to confirm the number of people in their party before giving them a car letter, but yes, that was incredibly frustrating for me. During sea days lunchtime I 100% avoided the mid and aft elevators at the Lido...way too often when riding up, the car you called is completely packed. When riding down, you see people with a big group obviously only p
  14. Yup, just got off the Horizon today and the Skyride was open. Lines weren't long normally. Nice experience.
  15. We typically eat around 6-6:30 as well and have never had to wait more than about 5 minutes for parties up to 7 people. It all depends I guess.
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