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  1. Thanks, @molly361 - found it. You're one, smart canine ... lol. Cheers, Morley.
  2. Hey, Clarea - I don't see a 'red triangle' ..... Morley
  3. Simone - so sorry to hear that you are under the weather. Rest up so you can enjoy the remainder of the ports! Cheers, Morley.
  4. We arrive noon on the 17th, then are doing a 2 hour walking tour of the old city. If you're around at 4:00 pm, we could meet for a drink and compare notes about the cruise (and thank you for your 'live' report). My email is <bcguy100 at gmail dot com>. Cheers, Morley.
  5. Thanks, Simone - great you were able to find that out. Cheers, Morley.
  6. No worries, Simone - if you can tomorrow, that would be great. We're doing a bike tour of the 5 lighthouses ... did you bike or bus? Morley
  7. Thanks. That would be great. Nice video, too .... we're doing the same excursion. Are you in Quebec City on the 17 or 18th? Morley
  8. Simone - some folks on the return trip next week are asking about the price of a 'regular' cocktail (without any package) - ex. a rum and coke or gin and tonic. Any ideas? Cheers, Morley.
  9. Thanks for the travel info. A few of us think that Uber is the way to go. I developed a spreadsheet for our cruise (a number of folks on your cruise are doing B2B). See my signature for a link to the spreadsheet, if you are interested. We arrive on the 17th - the ship is spending two nights in port. What night are you staying at the Chateau? You'll like it ... Fairmont is a great hotel chain (my daughter-in-law used to work for them). We'll be wandering around Old Town the afternoon of the 17th. Cheers, Morley.
  10. Thanks, @simoner - we'll be on the return part of the voyage (spending time in Quebec City?). Interested in how you get to Manhattan as we'll be doing that after we dock. M
  11. Agreed re Molly Dooker and the family of wines. If you can find any Aussie wine with "Ben Glaetzer" on the label, grab it! M
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