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  1. I’m not sure paradise beach is what your looking for however my DH and I both enjoyed it. Its quite if you get there early but as more people come it gets louder. One family actually came with their blue tooth radio and was playing music. The pool area was very quiet as seldom people were using it while we were there. If you sit out further from the beach and bar area it’s much quieter but you can’t control who happens to come sit near you anywhere...... The food and service were very good. FYI we did not have the all inclusive package. Its very very beautiful but I would not consider it upscale by any means. I’m sure you’ve seen pictures and hopefully videos so if it comes across as looking upscale to you then to each his own because even before visiting I never got that vibe. Hope you enjoy it, we certainly did!
  2. We went this year with about 5 ships in port. We headed there as we got off the ship and were literally the first people to arrive (around 8:30/9). We got a great spot and by the time it started to get more crowded (around 1:30) we were ready to go shopping in town (will never do that again🙄). Next time we will stay longer. The food was great, service very good & facilities very clean. Really loved paradise beach! Thinking of try Mr. Sanchos but we may just end up going back to paradise!
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