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  1. Wow! This post still exists. The template I created is very plain compared to what people do now, ours wedding was in 2011. I've attached the document. Welcome_Letter_July2011.doc
  2. Thank you so much for taking us all on your journey with you, giving us tips and especially for sharing your photos.
  3. Now that sounds good, not having to wait around in a line. Since this ship seems to have so many food options to try 'my time dining' might be the better option since we probably wouldn't be in the MDR consistently any way.
  4. Well that's sucky. Thanks for the heads up. We would probably just eat lighter in the MDR on the days we want to try those, or have a late lunch & skip the MDR all together. Since it's vacation we don't mind eating later from time to time.
  5. Oh that's good to know. Maybe we will set up shop in Columbus and just walk over to Adrenaline for a bit. No worries. We can't afford to live that cabana life lol.
  6. Love these tips. Thank you so much. Since we don't sail her until August 2023, hopefully all those kinds of kinks will be worked out. We're old school and love the set time dining. We tried late dining once but didn't like it, so it's always the early dining for us. We also enjoy trying the new specialty dining and if the ship has a steak house we go at least once.
  7. I was just about to ask...... We've only been to Columbus and since we like it, I am on the fence about trying Nellies even though I do want to see how it is.
  8. We actually haven't cruised with Carnival since 2017, and that was on the updated Sunshine. Prior to that we did sail both Carnival Breeze when it was fairly new, and Vista the year it came out. We love trying the mega ships so I have high hopes for the Mardi Gras although it seems like there are mixed reviews. The new food choices look AMAZING though! 😋
  9. We are booked on Mardi Gras for August 2023! I am so excited. We actually were booked for this August but decided to rebook for next year, and book Adventure instead. Since we just flew to cruise last month we didn't want to fly again so soon, plus even on an older ship 9 days of vacation is just yummier lol.
  10. Thank you for the link. It had me at 'quaint', and I love me some waterfront dining! My other half also loves to shop, so that part may be a draw for her.
  11. We took a tour years ago in St. Maarten and now I'm wondering if I've been there before, even if for a bit. I believe we've been to two beaches in the 3x we've gone there, and we also did the iguanas. The water was so much fun at Maho when we went, the whole airplane thing was strange to me but I had a good time. Still not sure what to do this time, but thanks for the insight. An emptier ship also may be an option on this day....
  12. We've been to St. Maarten 3x already. Finally getting a lounger by the pool, might be a good option this upcoming 4th visit!
  13. We actually sailed AOS back in 2021 when cruises started back up in the Bahamas, so I can kind of picture where the Diamond Lounge might be. We went up to the Blue Moon twice as I think that's where they had the silent disco. Not sure how much I'd enjoy eating snacks at 5pm because we have the early dining time, but I am willing to try! lol
  14. That sounds pretty good, especially for a first time experience. I'm not sure if we would utilize it every day but I am looking forward to checking it out this upcoming August. I will certainly be looking for those chocolate covered strawberries! 🍫🍓 🍫🍓
  15. Thanks for sharing your cruise with us, loving the read and photos. We will be sailing her this August and as a first time Diamond cruiser. How do these 'offerings' work? Is this pre dinner & daily? Do you have to reserve a spot? Are drinks included? Would love a little intel lol.
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