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  1. I saw the chocolate croissants on the breakfast buffet. Agree the MDR was so-so. And yes Susan Great review
  2. The souvenier glasses do hold a little more then the regular glasses so i usually get my first drink in one and then have them refill it at the reg price. (tip from these boards)
  3. Little late seeing this, but I've only ever seen Lipton
  4. HI if you haven't done so already, come join us on the rollcall boards. Pat
  5. If NCL won't switch names around You can ask for a seperate onboard acct for each person and then get extra keys for the cabins. we did this a few yrs ago when my nephews (both under 21) were in a seperate cabin from us. Hope this helps
  6. not quite the answer you're asking for, but we stayed in a superior inside on the sun and it was bigger than mini suite on dawn, or any balcony on the other ships we've sailed
  7. Hi We were with Navigatorbride also at ROTN and they did make it back. For some reason NCL's security had us going to the right and then doubling back.
  8. Tlovesdis, thanks for the great review, It sounds like you had a great time Hi Come join us on our rollcall. We are all looking forward to a GREAT cruise, Pat
  9. thanks for the great review, we'll be sailing Nov1st. It's nice to hear so many good things about the crew and ship. Thanks again. Oh and thanks for the Heads up about PV that was the day we weren't planning a tour. we'll start looking now
  10. you can just call NCL and tell them you are transferring your reservation. I did this last yr
  11. We've ordered these several times and always while we were onboard. Just go to any bar and ask for it.
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