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  1. Thanks so much for your input and WOW photos. I really appreciate those. You totally answered my question. I had seen the curved balcony extensions on minis. I was just curious about Carib deck. Thank you so much.
  2. Anyone familiar with these aft cabin balconies? It looks as if there is a extended balcony , but unconnected to cabin balcony. Do those balconies extend beyond cabin and connected to cabin to create extended balcony ? I know the mini suites on 8 below extend, though it doesn't appear that way on deck plan. I'd appreciate any info you can share. Thank you!:D
  3. We will be cruising with two small kids and want to book the Green Eggs and Ham breakfast. Carnival told us we would need to reserve this when we board and that reservations can't be made in advance. Has anyone done this activity? When and where do we go to reserve the breakfast? Carnival phone operators don't know. Thank in advance for your help.
  4. Hello, does anyone have a layout of Carnival Breeze large dining room with table numbers?
  5. Just noticed after we booked that a part of fitness center is above us. Have any of you had these suites. Are they noisy? Would appreciate any feedback!
  6. Hector, Glad to hear things have improved. We had FTTF pass 18 months ago on the Magic. We got on board after 200-300 had boarded. We discovered our cabin was not ready. Steward said we weren't on "his list" Obviously not on the luggage list either...though our bags had FTTF tags, they didn't arrive early as promised. All luggage mixed together and passed out. I doubt we'd buy it again since we didnt get what had been promised.
  7. Thank you for the info. It's much appreciated. I'm relieved!:D
  8. Love room service. Coffee and pastries each morning on the balcony--one of my favorite things!!! Also like it sometimes when we come back from a day of tours, tired and simply want the convenience of room service. If they start with a few items, it might expand to charge for all room service. I'm spoiled. If a cruise line charges for all room service, I wont sail on them. There are too many choices of cruise lines out there. I believe NCL announced this a couple of years ago. The negative reaction was so great, it was retracked in days. Cruise lines listen....
  9. Just booked a spa cabin on deck 11, but now I have some concerns. I have read that deck 11 cabins are noisy due to kids' center nearby and also noise from fitness center overhead on deck 12 on some ships. We are in 11214 now. Will that put us under the fitness center--I cant tell from deck plans. is this cabin close to kids' center? We chose deck 11, because we want a covered balcony. Are deck 12 balconies covered? Having had a VERY noisy cabin once, we are very careful about location. If any of you can give me info, i would greatly appreciate it.
  10. I agree-- a window, even an obstructed view, is better than an inside. However, in this case the casino and bar were directly under that cabin. I have heard that can be very noisy. Once you have had a bad ( noisy) cabin, you are very particular about location. I was glad I saw the email this morning and was able to change back to my original cabin.
  11. I simply forgot to mark "no upgrade" this time. Yes, I was fortunate to get original cabin back.
  12. Just a "heads up"... Yesterday morning an email arrived exclaiming we'd been given an "upgrade." Technically, it was upgrade to a higher category, but not an upgrade in cabin for us. I had selected an inside(first time trying an inside cabin) in an area we carefully chose on Lido. Our "upgrade" was to a fully-obstructed window cabin (middle of a life boat AND directly above the casino.) Needless to say, I immediately called Princess. Within minutes we were back in our original cabin. For those new to cruising, if given an upgrade, always check out "upgraded" cabin location on a deck plan. Don't assume an upgrade is a step up. However, many times it's great news!
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