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  1. Try going to the RCCL site & send e-mail to customer service thru the site. I did that last weekend & received a “case number” on Monday and got a phone call Thursday & received my FCC today (Saturday). i already got my taxes refunded to my credit card a couple weeks ago.
  2. ORVILLE 99 I just got mine today, 21 Sep...shouldn’t be long now—keep on top of it!
  3. UPDATE: SEP 21, 2:30pm EDT Just received FCC eMail from RCCL For others still waiting...keep on them to get your FCC & refunds. Good Luck! Hopefully next cruise goes as planned!
  4. UPDATE: As of Sep 21, noon, I’ve not received my FCC from RCCL, The Sep 20 deadline (on original email) for receiving FCC for cancelled cruise due to Hurricane Dorian has passed without getting my FCC. Now i’m going into “early next week” timeline per convo with RCCL representative.
  5. UPDATE: Thursday, September 19, 11am EST Received voice mail saying the FCCs were sent out via email, if I didn’t get mine, to phone them & gave a number. I still hadn’t gotten mine..been checking mail & spam since September 1st (day I called to say I wouldn’t be going) Just got off the phone with RCCL representative...she put me on hold for some time to check on status and said they are still sending them out..I should get it by tomorrow (Sep 20) or early next week.
  6. Was beginning to think I was the only one who didn’t get FCC yet. i did submit an email to RCCL this weekend & got generic automated email inquiry number today...hopefully I get some human response with my FCC. I’m sure it’s a nightmare for RCCL, so we need to be proactive to help them identify who still need FCCs & refunds. Thanks for your response..please keep us updated of your situation & I’ll do the same.
  7. I didn’t go on the cruise. Sent e-mail asking what I should do if I wasn’t going—no response Called RCCL on Sep 1 to ask what I should do, was told I would get FCC & they cancelled my show reservations & sent e-mail with that info (no FCC attached) Sep 8 my CC was refunded the taxes for the cruise—still no e-mail with FCC, been checking spam mail daily. I booked direct with RCCL and had no one else attached to my reservation. Saw comments from some others on cruise critic that they got FCCs before or after cruise, so was wondering if I was the only one still without FCC after 2 weeks. i didn’t want to call & bother them before Sep 20 if there were still others waiting. I just sent e-mail inquiring the status ...we’ll see. I just want to wrap this thing up and put it behind me. thanks for your reply
  8. NJMELIS24 Thanks for your reply. I booked direct thru RCCL and haven’t gotten my FCC yet
  9. Is anyone (like me) still waiting for FCC from missed RCCL sailings from Hurricane Dorian? I was supposed to sail on Sep 1 on Allure and opted to cancel. I know RCCL said we’d see FCC for missed cruise due to Hurricane Dorian by September 20...but I saw some comments that some have already received them.
  10. There’s lots of ships that were supposed to arrive today (I was supposed to board one 😏) that are staying out to sea till at least Wednesday. If your friend is on one of those, they’ll be just fine. if they got dumped last night, transport is still operating. However, if they drove a car, getting gas might be an issue. Either way, i’m sure they’ll be fine. I bet the passengers have been working amongst themselves to offer assistance & suggestions. Maybe send a quick text or email just to be sure. The ships are letting people use limited WiFi serve for free.
  11. Which ship were they on? Last night Carnival ship Horizon returned 1 night early & dumped PAX at POM and took off back out to sea empty
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